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I'm not sure what I think about this (I mean that literally - I don't know what to think, good or bad) but I stumbled across a brief video this morning of a 5 year old body builder.  He's actually surprisingly cut, though much of that would have to do with the crazy-low body fat.  I was struck by his delts though.  BTW, what's with the news anchor's snide remark about body builders saying it takes years of work for them to look like they do?  What's under the shirt of yours there body? My guess is nothing


Hmmm, this kid is catching on quick.  There is now a much longer video of him on Yahoo's homepage:

Deanna, when did your sisters start training seriously for gymnastics?


My memory's a bit fuzzy on when the serious training started, but Bonnie started gymnastics when she was 5 or 6, was national champion at 12, and missed the Moscow Olympics (boycotted) when she was 14.

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