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Well the 'Secret New MTB Trails' at the A Rocha Pembina Valley Field Study Centre will in fact combine with the Pembina Valley Provincial Park trails as the venue for a new MCA sanctioned mountain bike race, brought to you by The Training Coop ...

Introducing:  The A Rocha Pembina Valley MTB Race planned for Sat 17 July, 2010

Details will come together in good time, such a confirmation of the date at the next MCA MTB Committee meeting, but for now we have the agreement of our hosts at A Rocha for use of their trails, campground and facilities for that weekend, concurrence with MB Conservation & Parks and a verbal go-ahead from Hal Loewen (MCA MTB Coordinator).

Plus, A Rocha will have an Environmental Education Intern available to give interpretive programming for racers and family attending the weekend race activities (more on that and other fun activities later).

The planned race route will use parts of almost all the trails in both locations and will involve
sweeping MTB race-worthy trails with plenty of elevation gain per lap.

After some initial consultation with MB Conservation and Parks staff, the current plan for the race course will include a short 0.5 Km warm-up loop, then the main course lap starting with a 2.3 Km A Rocha race loop and then a 4.5 Km Pembina Valley Prov Park loop (with a 2.0 Km possible extension if needed).

So, each lap will be 6.8 Kms
(or 8.8 Kms), which is almost exactly the same length as laps at the BHP Bur Oak race course.

This race will be 'new-racer' friendly, but still expert/elite and enduro racer challenging!

The likely race formats will include:

1.  20-30 Min KOM Race (A Rocha Loop only)
2.  45-60 Min Citizen Class XC Race
3.  1 to 1 & 1/2 Hrs Sport and Comp Class XC Race
4.  1 & 1/2 to 2 Hrs Expert and Elite Class XC Race
5.  4 Hr Enduro XC Race (possible course route extensions)

No race poster yet, but check out this race course view ...

That's all for now.  Just wanted to get the word on the street and get the planning underway.  Giddy Up!
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