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So there I was ... dreaming happy dreams of racing in the Alter Ego TTT as a sandbagger to fill up the quad for FGBC's 2nd team ... all this arranged over beers after a rather excellent unofficial CX race/TNR Forks thrashing.  Being an only sometimes FGBC TNRider and therefore, no doubt - suspect; I was pleased to have been given the chance to take part in the Darkside's goal of cycling dominance over the Whiteside.  So upon rising Wed morn, I quickly inspected my sweet Guru roadie racer (still on the trainer and primed, but not used to the outdoors that much of late since the arrival of it's nemesis ... my most excellent Redline cross bike) and smiled with satisfaction at it's aerodynamic lines and feather weight "roadie-ness"!  Ohhh those happy moments ...

But alas it was not to be ... no sooner do I see the first TTT coord emails from the FGBC gang, then the cancellations start coming in and team #2 came apart like a cheap suitcase.  Only FGBC Team #1's quad is intact, with Chris, Jonny, Adam & Craig ready to mount their CX-ers and do battle.  I would just have to wait until ... next time ...

But then ... a thought came to mind (or was it seeing my roadie racer looking sad on the trainer) and I decided to find some epoxy & ducktape to fix my broken helmet cam mount and case (gotta stop crashing ... oh wait, that was one of my few roadie rides this year!).  Yes, if I couldn't race ... I might as well chase ... and video the epic battle between Dark and White ...

So this is how it came to be, that with my Lori along for support and camera in hand to capture the stills, I was at BHP to chase the FGBC TTT CX-racers and video their epic battle with RRR's practiced and polished TTT roadie racers ...

Even though there were lots of bright white smiles and friendly chatting going on between the two rival TTT quads, the dark threatening skies gave notice that a Dark versus White smack-down was coming and when it was over, more than water would be dropped!

For those of us that got to chase, watch and enjoy, it went down something like this ...

Coming off the start line with the Whiteside racers watching and waiting to give chase in one small minute, the Darkside racers blasted off with great speed ... well, all except Jonny G., who thought a monster big-ring gear was in order ... oh well, he just smiled (as he did for the rest of the race) and got down to the business of smashing his way back into formation with the surprising tight and coordinated Dark Train of power (well at least that's the way I saw it until they dropped me coming up the first hill).

Funny that just as I settled into my fate of riding the rest of the 2 laps on my own, the rain started pouring down ... it got dark and cold ... that is until another 1/4 lap and a long downhill blast got me mashing and sweating ... time for a swig of go-juice and a glance back, just in time to see the perfectly in-line Whiteside racers blasting towards me at a great rate of knots (hey, it felt nautical in that downpour!) ... how do you say "passed me like I was standing still"!

But their white flash passing by brought something dark into view ahead on the road and it was getting bigger ... slowly ... very slowly.  Ah, a Darkside racer was in need of support (ok, I was lonely) and that was all the motivation I needed to take it up a notch.  So up went the cadence and gears ... up went the speed and slowly I gained on the dark form of an undefeated, but dropped racer.  Just a 1/4 lap left to the start line and it's clear that Jonny G. is ahead ... still dropping back from his team, but working just as hard.  I get close and call out ... he eases off, smiles and starts to tell me the tale of losing the back of the Dark Train at just the wrong time (sounds familiar to me!) ...

So we settled into riding side-by-side (well, except when I drafted after dropping back to video and almost cracked trying to catch up with Jonny) and picked up the cadence here and there, while chatting "roadie-like" ... too bad Jonny lost the train, but it was great to have good company for a soggy finish to the race.

Speaking of race ... according to Chris H. and Kevin K., there was in fact an epic battle going on ahead of us between the Dark and White forces battling it out for any meager points advantage to be gained in the FGD rivalry.  They tell me that both teams finished with 3 racers and that the RRR Whites prevailed over the FGBC Darks ... I believe them ... but I didn't actually see it for myself and well, you know what can be done with a little "photoshopping" skill.  I'm sure the results will be officially posted ;-)

Rain downpour or not, this race was a blast and the FGD rivalry sure made it fun!  I know the Woodcock gang looked and rode real fast (kudos to them and the other teams), but I was in my own little zone for this one and it was rather DARK (but great) !!
You can find a grid view of my pics - Here
Pics and Videos are all - Here
The above YouTube video is up on my channel - Here
Just a quick addendum to my race report:

After reading my own post and reflecting upon my time chatting with Jonny G. during the race, I recall that in addition to his otherwise casual banter was the offhand references to his reduced racing performance on the day ... which made me wonder what he was actually doing during his two weeks away from the FGBC rides??

After some research, I discovered the truth behind his lack of awesomeness ...
Instead of working on his performance, he was rapping about it ... check it out:

Got anymore videos in the works Jonny?
Chris H
Nice. Thanks again Tom. Is that John Tesh on the soundtrack?
Hey Chris, no it's not John Tesh.  I had to settle for the little ditty from "Secrets In Stereo",  instead of the Yanni track I was hoping for ...

But now that you mention it ... John Tesh has written music for the Tour de France, so maybe I should have checked out his music ... thanks for the tip !
Time trialing sure is beatiful (even when done by cyclocross hacks - mind you, much better XC hacks then myself) but these video postings also remind me of the sheer pain of a time trial.  I don't recall what I was doing last Thursday evening while this was going on, but it must have been less pain inducing.  Thanks for the pics and vid Tom, and good on you for getting out there and riding.

Wait, as it happens I do recall what I was doing last Thursday evening after all - it wasn't physically painful but it hurt the cheque book, and might hurt Deanna's fitness, but I'll let her post further if she wants.
Aah yes, Thursday night, spent at the Harley dealership checking out a used Sportster 883 low. Scott and I have a cardinal rule that applies equally well to motorcycles and bicycles. If you like it, only throw a leg over if you're willing to buy it... we picked it up Saturday afternoon. Now I just need to get my license!

Sweet ride Deanna ... congrats!  Have fun learning new "hog" riding tricks and cruising with Scott.
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