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Earlier this week I was actually thinking of 'racing' in Altona (for real) in part because you don't need an MCA license to race it and I haven't purchased one this year, and as the calendar gets shorter and shorter it's becoming less and less appealing for me to spend the money on one, but instead I decided to enjoy a nice motorcycle ride down the Altona to spectate.  I took some pics of the A race but they didn`t all turn out - I discoverd that if I use the zoom on my bberry the pics suck.  So, if you`re looking at these pics and there are none of you I`m sorry.  I tried to get a pic of everyone racing but I`ve only posted the ones that turned out.  Here they are:

Kudo`s to everyone involved in putting on the event.  It again looked like a definate highlight of the cross season.  Congrats also to Graham who looked like he had a pretty good race out there.  Must be the bike.

Glad you could get out there Scott to cheer on Graham and catch some pics of know-doubt an awesome cross race!

Graham does look fast on that most-excellent Redline Conquest Pro (choice of champions ... and wanna-be's like me ) and all decked out in TrgCoop colors ... outstanding!!

I unfortunately was not able to get out of town this weekend and will just have to enjoy the pics and stories of a most excellent day at the races that I had to miss again!#%&!!

Well done ABES and FGBC!  Farmer sausage burger and race-ready beer ... you're killin' me!
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