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What in the world is going on outside as I type this?  To quote Depeche Mode, "I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that God's got a sick sense of humour...".  I woke up to the best ski conditions this winter, except that IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING.  Looks like it's another day on the tacx trainer today.  Just to rub it in Deanna is in California again today, for the second month in a row, and is scheduled to return there again next month.  In fairness, her meetings in San Diego started yesterday at breakfast time and she texted me past 10:00pm my time last night to say she was just sitting down to appetizers in preparation for a working dinner before heading back to the hotel with her boss to put together a presentation for this morning.  Sounds like a full working day.  Amazingly she was able to get a great workout in before breakfast yesterday.  Way to go babe.

I should post a brief update about my workouts - I feel like it's been a little while since I've done so.  I revamped things a week ago just to keep things fresh, and I'm really enjoying the new workouts.  I've streamlined some of my upper body exercises (eg. I'm just doing one shoulder workout and one pec workout) to make room for more cardio).  Hopefully I don't loose specific definition.  My favourite new exercise is the 'punch crunch', where I do a decline crunch with dumbells and at the top of the crunch I extend my arms forward and across my torso one at a time to work both the abs and the external obliques.  They're working great - I feel like I can see my obliques growing (and I weigh myself and measure body % fat every morning, so I'm pretty sure it's not fat).

Tonight is UFC fight night and the premier of the latest The Ultimate Fighter series - always good for some inspiration.  It's also inspiring to know that Deanna is returning home late tonight.  Enjoy your last few hours of a snow free environment Deanna.  Tom and Lori, make sure to enjoy your snowless world in Moab too (I'm sure you are)

A preview of tonight.  Long live the Queen:

Tom & Lori
Hey Scott ... sorry hear about the new snow and being stuck inside still (really ... we're wiping tears away right now ... or is that sweat that got in our eyes !?).

Lori has also been focusing her strength training on upper body alone to make time/reserve energy for more intense cardio sessions.  She also does a similar ab crunch exercise using a weighted bar during one of her Firm tape workout.  It's a great one.  Tom has also been doing upper body only weights for the last few months for similar reasons.

Enjoy the new ultimate fighting Scott ... during Tom's recent northern flying trip he heard all about it from a few fellow crew members who are really into the sport.  Big testosterone!
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