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Well, it's been quite a while since last I posted. Life has been crazy lately with lots of travel for work as well as an insane workload when I have been in the office. I have been pleased though that I managed to lose my excess Christmas weight, then maintain it through February in spite of the travel and craziness. After I get home from this trip I plan to focus on losing that last 5 pounds that I didn't lose this past month. Sometimes adjusting your goal is necessary to maintain sanity...

Workouts have been spotty at times but I feel pretty good about how they are going as well. My short term goal for this week is to maintain a consistent workout plan while away. I've had to adjust some of my weights workouts to accomodate the fitness centre here (it's well set up, but it's not home) and obviously the cardio component is different. I've planned to do some 'light' cardio each morning, and supplement that with abs/ weights on alternate days. It's going well so far. Today during a particularly boring conference session I daydreamed about an outdoor run tomorrow. Typically I don't consider this while travelling, but figured there would be good walking/ running paths through the golf course. Unfortunately when I asked the concierge the response was "you can't run on the golf course! (insert shock and disdain here)". The best I got was a suggestion to "follow this road (off the resort map) for a 'safer' run than on the freeway". Sigh. Back to the cardio machines tomorrow.
Hey Deanna, thanks for the update ... but AWOL? ... sounds like you've just been really busy, but still staying active!  Absent from posting maybe, but surely not "With Out Leave" ... depending on how you want to interpret that ... maybe Scott knows?!

I know what it is like to be on the road a lot and trying to watch my diet and keep up workouts, so well done there Deanna in meeting your January goals and maintaining it through February !  What was the key?

I can so relate to the daydreaming about running outside (biking for me) and hope you can still find a way to get that in, but indoor machines do the trick as well.  I am looking forward to the coming of spring and warmer temps like most everyone is, but I must say that I fell in love with winter this year on a deeper level, because of my outside biking in all conditions ... day and night!

Enjoy your adventures and fitness on the road Deanna.  See you on the trails soon!
How much are green fees?  Once you're on the course going for your run who's going to catch you?  Heck, as you know I once took a wrong turn paddling up a river and ended up having to portage thru a golf course with a kayak on my shoulder, and everyone was really polite about it (maybe the more outrageous you are the more likely you are to get away with it).

I've actually been really impressed with Deanna's workout adherance considering that her workload has been pretty high for the last while, not to mention the increased travel.  I'm looking forward to having you home again soon babe.
It's not easy maintaining a fitness plan under a heavy workload and the changing circumstances of travel - not to mention convenient and tempting restaurant choices.  So - kudos to you, Deanna.  Sounds like the eating plan you posted about in January was helpful.  We look forward to hearing more when time allows.
Scott, this place actually reminds me of a less formal version of the GreenBriar (San Diego style?), so I imagine green fees are pretty scary. I remembered our run through the golf course there, so I thought there was a good chance of the same thing here - but no. For interest's sake yesterday I looked through the spa menu. I could spend $260 on a 'feng shui hair cut'! (Good thing I got a cut just last week I guess .) Could I outrrun a golf cart? Hmm, might be interesting to try!

Nutrition has been key for me, especially a good breakfast. Obviously I haven't been able to stick as closely as I'd like to my nutrition plan, but it's formed a good basis and I'm getting better at finding (and enjoying) healthy choices for eating out when away. There's more options than there used to be - I mentioned to Scott the other day that I can always find real (cooked) oatmeal for breakfast and he was amazed. When he was traveling for work, he was lucky if there was an instant version available. Bonus: oatmeal is cheap, even when you're ordering off a hotel menu. Oddly, the price varies depending on who your server is -?

I've also gotten pretty spoiled with the fitness amenities when I'm travelling on longer trips like this one. More and more conferences are being located in resorts rather than business hotels so there are full and extensive fitness centres. Athough I prefer shorter trips to get back home quicker, on a longer trip it is somehow easier to get to the gym, I think because you (or at least I) settle in more. Speaking of working out, I'm off to the gym now - I'm hoping to find a friendly trainer willing to show me proper form on a rowing machine.
(1) Thank you for not getting the $260 hair cut.

(2) It's somewhat ironic that your husband was recently tested on proper form for various cardio and strength apparatus, including a rowing machine, and yet you have to find someone else to confirm you're using proper form.  As you know I think rowing machines are great, and plan to add one to our home gym as a great way to get a 5 - 10 minute warm up prior to a weights workout.
Yeah, part of the reason I wanted to try out the rowing machine was because I know it's on your list for eventual purchase. I was regretting not having you show me correct form when we were at GoodLife for your certification testing. (BTW, the trainer I got was not nearly as helpful as I had hoped - he pretty much sat me down on it, told me to use both my arms and legs, watched for a few seconds, and took off. So maybe some of my experience detailed below can be 'corrected' with better instruction.)

I liked it. A great alternative to running or elliptical and it felt good to avoid pounding my knees again. Oddly, it didn't get as much of a cardio workout as I thought I would. Definitely felt it in my arms and legs, but I didn't get that cardio burn that I feel with other machines. I thought maybe I wasn't going fast enough but this morning at the gym someone else was on one and his pace was a bit faster, but pretty close to what I had been doing. Hmm. Maybe I need a few sessions to get my muscles used to it. Or perhaps it would work better for more of a long slow cardio workout (I only did 35 minutes). I did think that with less cardio intensity, I could theoretically use it as a long cardio workout for base building since I sometimes find it hard to maintain lower intensity on the bike trainer. Keep it on your list, Scott! (I know you're not buying it for me, but isn't it a bonus that I like it too?)
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