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That race was a super super supercross blast on a truly cyclocross day ... cold, windy, some new snow, muddy - sweet!

The course was super excellent with lots of challenge and some scary slippery spots!

Well done Ian, Hal and the Olympia gang !!

I made it out to the races in time to do a practice lap and watch the B Race.

The DJ was just setting up and the announcer was getting folks excited about racin'!

The 'Bog' was not as wet as in the past, but all the other slimy mud sections more than made up for it!

Brad E. from RRR-ing was moving fast ... always looking like a seasoned CX-er and carried on to make the podium!
Great stuff 'Impaler'!

Tim L. rode the bog every time and was always smiling!

The triple barriers came right after a good stretch of grass and a little incline ... perfect!

Artur is one speedy cat for a new racer ... I think he unofficially won the B Race, but couldn't be listed that way as a "Citizen' racer!
Well done bud!

'Tenacious' Vic from FGBC was looking determined and always ready to give a burst when the course demanded!

KK was out marshaling again and cheering on everyone, esp. his fellow RRR-ing gang!  Two weeks til the cast's off ... Nordic Cross?!
*That's Al D. in the background marshaling at the windiest corner!
Thanks Kev, Al and all the other volunteers ... Lindsay G. sure put in a long day of work!!

The Oly boys always seemed to have another slimy climb or hill ready to make the race memorable!

Here's Michelle from RRR-ing negotiating another slick downhill and slimy trail section.
Well done!

So then it was time for the A Race:

I handed off my camera to the Impaler (thanks Brad and good photog-ing!), got my helmet cam ready and lined up ...

There was a good strong field of racers and I was ready for some real CX fun! ...
then I accidentally 'double tapped' my helmet cam and so no h/c footage of the early part of the race

Fortunately Brad caught the start with camera #2!

The pace at the front on lap one was super quick, but the course was almost all high-aerobic with only a little cruising ...

I was pretty happy until the mud pit on a later lap ...

Here's Ian H. keeping Gary S. at bay (later Gary had the same problem I had ... a flat early into a lap ... no turning back or cutting - run it all or get DQ-ed!).

Dylan and Dan N. were moving fast, but Dan prevailed for a well earned victory!

Craig from FGBC was right there in the hunt all race and moved up to 2nd place on the day!
Awesome job Craig!

Even after a full morning of course set-up and race organizing, Hal L. was smoking along and was nice enough to cheer me on as I was run/walking my flatted bike around almost an entire lap!

Here's Chris H. from FGBC taking the smart way up this little steep one ... we all tried riding up this one and most thought better after spinning out at the top ...

Smart Dylan ... now why didn't I think of that until my last lap?!

I stopped to get my helmet cam working and got some good footage before my flat.  The lower river section was slick but fun!

The top side section was a chance to set a strong pace, but reduce the lactic buildup!

The bog was totally rideable, but that didn't stop me from having one impressive wipe-out there and flatting right after (of course just when Scott and Deanna from the TrgCoop were there to watch and cheer)!

Run/walking the course is hard work!!!

Meanwhile, Dan N. was all business and chewing up the course!

Ok, this highly edited video show me fixing my flat in one minute ... it actually took 10 minutes ... mud/pebble covered tire, cold hands, rip the tire off without releasing brakes (ok for off ... no good for on!) ... thanks to 'Coach' Dave D. for helping me with getting my tire back on!

One last lap ... just under the cut-off time ... he he he
Oops, hit 'post' instead of 'preview' on my last one ... here's the rest of the story ...

Graham W. from our TrainingCoop was racing way faster than I was and on a bike with the same Redline Conquest Pro frame as my cx-er (loaner from a fellow TrgCoop-er?).

Graham striking a satisfied pose ... reserved for those hardy enough to brave the elements and muddy course conditions of the day!  Thanks for cheering us on Scott & Deanna (with Mocha along of course).

Oh yeah ... there was mud!  ... mud guards? ... darn good idea today!!

Big congrats and thanks to Ian, Hal and the Olympia gang for putting on a great race!
The warm Belgium Club, beer, burgers and fries were perfect after a cold race!
Bravo to Arlene and Colin for all your commissair and extra work!

Here's a slideshow of all my pics and videos.  *Note:  no sound with the videos in 'slideshow' mode.

Grid view of the pics - Here.
Main view of all pics & vids - Here.
Results are already posted - Here.

Lots of race reports getting posted already:
At Olympia CC - Here.
At FGBC - Here.
At One Love One Gear - Here.
At Luc's Blog - Here.
At BBC - Here.
At David Lipnowski for pics - Here.
No doubt soon at RRR - Here.

That's all for this cat ... time to baste the turkey ... hmmm good !
Tom thanks for all the video and pics.  Love the helmet cam stuff. 

well, I havn't posted any kind of race recap for awhile but I think yesterday's race deserves it.  I have no clue what my official result was, but my unofficial verdict is "superplus fun".  Couldn't have felt less pressure after breaking my chain at the start of the second lap, so I got back on the course a little after the leaders went by again and just tried to catch them.  The course was very slick and Scott's redline cx bike was supersweet for the most part.  I was a little clumsy with it once in while, but some how I managed to stay upright the whole race.  Maybe because I was taking fewer chances while I was getting aquainted with the bike.  Good job Hal, Ian and errbody else, for some good fun.

Great job as usual, Tom.  The best part is I've remained warm, dry and ah, sans mud - while still feeling like I was actually there!  Kudos to all the organizers, participants and fans! 
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