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Scott gave me a hill run workout on a treadmill today and it was awesome! This is my new favourite travel workout (since I fear I will not like it so much once I'm off the treadmill and on a real hill at home). Felt super athletic on max incline - and when I got off the treadmill at the end there was a pile of rubber on the floor behind the belt. I'm telling myself it was because I worked so hard the treadmill couldn't keep up

Mark B.
Sorry, what was the Deanna? "Real hill at home"... we are talking about Winnipeg, right?

Heh heh... yeah I guess you're right Mark. Nevertheless, they're more than big enough for me!

Ok, I'm with Deanna on this one.  I too, have really liked the fast hill running intervals on the treadmill (that Lori introduced me to).  But, I wasn't fast enough to leave a pile of rubber behind ... impressive !!!
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