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Thank you to everyone who helped make the Bourkevale Cyclocross Event '09 a success.

Results are posted here.

Pictures will be posted to this message board soon.

David Lipnowski took many excellent pictures.  Visit his site at http://www.davidlipnowski.com and then click on his blog to view pics. 

Lost and found: Someone has turned in a black windbreaker style jacket with "Kenwood" and "Prairie Mobile Communications" printed on it - the jacket was found on or near the race course during yesterday's event.  If this is yours let us know and we'll get it to you.

Wow, that was a fun day at the races yesterday ... Training Coop style!  I hope all of the racers and their supporters enjoyed it as much as we did putting it on and taking part as well (Ok, Graham really raced, I was just a sorta-racer/photo-video tourist!).

The weather was perfect for cross and the great turnout was nice to see ... amazing what a little less snow will do!

Thanks again to Scott in particular for all of his excellent coordination and hard work.  Thanks to Deanna for all your hard work with course set up, registration and time keeping (plus the special ground coffee and truffles)!  Thanks to Graham for loading/transport of all the race pylons, barriers, etc and course set up.  Big kudos to the Rhonda and Lori for the great chili, baking and all the food set up/clean up.

Special mention to 'KK' Kevin from RRR-ing for offering to marshal in Bruce Park at the site of his infamous FGBC-TNR crash.

Thanks to Gary S. for the help with flagging during his course recce and Hal L. and Scot M. for helping with course clean up.

Don't have pics of them, but thanks to Luc A., 'Tenacious' Vic and Dave U. for your help marshaling.

Here's a few pics and a rough/unedited video clip that tells some the story:

Darryl N.B. from the mighty FGBC leads the way down 'KK's Hill'.

Brad E. from the also mighty RRR grinding up "KK's Hill" (under KK's personal observation).

Mike H, from the BBC leading the way over the barriers.

Michelle A. from RRR blasting down the singletrack drop-in.

Here's a rough unedited helmet cam view of the singletrack section ... good fun!
*Note: when I get some time soon, I will edit some better h/c video and upload on YouTube, where higher quality/longer uploads are possible.

A little blurred, but the speed of the battle for 2nd place in the A Race is captured here at the finish!

I got my camera setting wrong for this pic, but observe this image of Jonny G. from FGBC unleashing the power 'within' at the finish line!  Check out his expression!!

Check out this little racer dude bringing it home to the finish!

Deanna handing out one of her special truffle prizes to one of the kid's race winners.

Here's a slideshow of some of my shorter/rough video clips and all my pics from the race.

The link to the 'Grid' view of the pics is here.
The link to the "Main' view of the pics and short videos is here.

Oops ... I made a video remix of the Kids bike race, but posted it to a new post - here.

Here it is on Photobucket:

2nd of 3 videos done ...

I present:  Bourkevale CrossBike 'B' Race - 2009

* This time it's uploaded on my YouTube Channel.

** It should play in the 'HQ' version or you can select 'Normal'.  Enjoy!
Last video complete ...

* It's uploaded on YouTube for the 2nd time (1st time, the WMG scanners didn't like the fragments of fun-funky music I used ... copyrights ya know ... oops?!) and now I've used some background music that still works, but is not as fun ... oh well?!

I present:  Bourkevale CrossBike 'A' Race - 2009

That's a wrap for the Bourkevale 2009 races for me.

It was fun trying to capture what it was like to race in them - good fun!

These videos really get the word out about the sport of cyclocross racing!  You capture its' many aspects in these videos, as well as just about everyone who participated...awesome!
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