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Well it appears that summer may finally be here (and not a moment too soon, or maybe even a few moments too late, but I won't complain today) and over the weekend Deanna, Graham, and I went out on our first Bur Oak trail ride of the season (sadly Tom and Lori couldn't make it - next time guys). 

I intended to take out my helmet cam but ended up doing some bike modifications prior to the ride and didn't have time to set up the camera as well.  I did snap one quick, and decidely unexciting, shot of Graham and Deanna packing up after the ride just to prove we were out there.

The ride was really good.   I took my Karate Monkey, which I haven't really used on a trail ride except for some relatively brief rides thru the Assiniboine Park trails.  I haven't ridden with gears out at Bur Oak in 3 years so it was interesting to have a 1x9 (as my Karate Monkey is currently set up) out there.  Actually, I found that by the 2nd lap I shifted to the 'correct' gear and didn't shift again for the rest of the day.  Hmmm, maybe I prefer a single speed out there.  As for the 29er wheels, the jury's out.  There are a couple of very brief sandy sections where the larger wheels are a huge asset, and they roll nicely over some of the roots too, but so much of the rooty section is also very twisty and it felt a little more cumbersome getting the large wheels thru the corners.  The Karate Monkey is a great commuter, winter bike, and enduro racer (not that I do enduros) but for me I don't know if it's best suited to twisty sort-of-technical single track.  I was also riding the bike rigid so it's tough to know what it would have felt like with some suspension.  Regardless, I had a great time on the trails.  And the greatest success of all: We stopped at McD's on the way home and I resisted the urge to 'go big' and ordered a junior chicken sandwich (hold the mayo), small fries, and diet coke.  Not exactly the meal of champions, but better than it could have been.

Glad you guys had a great day to ride the trails and that you (Scott) gave the Karate Monkey a fair shake on the twisty Bur Oak trails.  Next time we'll be there for sure and I'll bring my 29er!

What an awesome weekend it was for a change !  Lori was a bit under the weather, so I did a bunch of yard work and Lori planted flowers.  We really enjoyed relaxing in our little bit of outdoor paradise (and no mosquitos, yet!) ...

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