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Well it finally happened this year.  I had a tuesday night off and did not have to be on flying status the next morning (no super-early rise required and no "bottle to throttle" rule to prevent enjoyment of some post-ride suds) ... so it was time to join the FGBC gang for some TNR biking mischief and post ride fun ... and fun it was.

After joining the FGBC gang and some RRR guys at Dr H's place, I enjoyed a pre-ride Alberta beer direct from Paddy H and said hello to Dallas "I Support Floyd' S.  After dodging mosquitoes for a while, we headed off through Wolseley and downtown to the Forks ... hopp'n some curbs and 'maximizing' the end of a few yellow lights.  We checked out Tomek's major home renovation (Graham's project right now ... there's your TrgCoop connection) and we paused to let Colin A. join the ride.

We cruised over to the "Pricey Toilet" bridge and made a circuit through Whittier Park ... though my Cygolite Mitycross light came in handy on the dark pathway.  One highlight of the ride (besides dodging Goldeneyes fans and traffic honking at our infiltration) was climbing up a spiral parkade and rippin down ... more good fun and even a bit of sweat inducing!

Then it was a cruise out west to FGBC's chosen clubhouse ... the Fox & Hounds Tavern

Now that's a real clubhouse and of course some FG Darks were in order!

Good chats were had and only when the barstaff prodded, were the last of us making our way out into the wet night for solo rides home.

Not sure if it was the cool and wet conditions or the after suds boost, but I hammered my way home and really enjoyed the unusual chance to cruise down a quiet Portage Ave.

A great end to a fun and relaxing encounter with the FGBC gang (plus RRRers and friends)
it was great to see ya out there Tom!
Diddo Paddy ... good luck at 9 Mile!

Portage Ave does look strangly inviting in that last picture you posted.

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