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So here's the tale of a rather silly but potentially nasty crash I had while out on a road ride with Brian D. ...

First I went for a good ride with Lori around the parks and back home.  I then headed south to link up with Brian, who was riding up from La Salle to meet me, so we could get in a long ride.  We rode around town for a while and then headed out Hwy 3 past Oak Bluff toward Sanford.  The day was sunny, but there were strong gusty winds.  I was on my Redline cross bike and we were riding on the paved shoulder at a high 20s km pace while fighting the strong head/cross wind ...

So then ... I say to Brian ... "ya know, these winds make it hard to stretch out without getting slowed right down" ... and just then I took my hands off the bars and stretched up (done this 1000s of times before) ... but, after a second of straight riding, the winds gusted, my front wheel turned completely sideways - instantly ... I fell down in an amazingly straight path for the speed we were going and hit the pavement on my left hip, wrist, shoulder and helmet.  It sounded loud (to Brian as well) and I was stunned for a second.  Brian yelled for me not to move ... easy advice to follow!

I started to slowly check out my joints and other than pain, all seemed functional.  A car stopped and asked if we needed help ... I gave a thumbs up and stood up slowly.  My hip and shoulder hurt a lot but no broken collarbone (which I was worried about).  It was probably fortunate that I had no time to react, because if my arm had been put out, that would likely have been the result.  My new Olympia jersey & shorts were scrapped, but not destroyed (1st time using them of course!) and the only damage to the bike was a twisted off left shifter ... easy to fix.

My helmet was cracked, but did it's job well ... no concussion after a very hard hit ... thank you Bell!

My GoPro helmet cam case was broken, but the camera was ok (no - I wasn't filming at the time).  After a few fixes, we were riding again, but much slower and my hands were left firmly on the bars ... at least for that ride.  Brian insisted upon escorting me back into town and giving me an eye response test before we split and each headed home.  So ended an otherwise nice 100 kms of riding.

Lori snapped this pic of my shoulder ... before bruising!

No pics of my worst case of hip/butt road rash yet ... lucky you!  So yes, I do feel like a Crash Test Dummy ... not a smart move in gusty wind conditions it turns out !

But, I do feel very lucky to not have broken any bones
Ouch.  My sincerest sympathies, but next time try to get it on film    

Side note: It's nice to see you don't have any excessive back hair yet, at your advancing age.  I now have to seriously trim my eyebrows every time I cut my hair, but nothing requires waxing yet.

All's well that ends without broken bones (or broken bike parts) I guess.  So when are you getting a new Catlike Whisper helmet?  It seems like half of the pro peloton are wearing them, you know. 
Yah ... crazy with all the filming I do sometimes that I didn't catch that on video ... everyone likes to watch crash footage ... hard to resist!

Good thing I was well groomed before my little crash  ... just joking ... the hairs are all on my chest.  "Advancing age" eh?! ... time does march on for us all!

Funny you mention the Catlike helmets, because when I went to Olympia yesterday in search of a new helmet, I tired some of the new Bell and Giro models, but they did not fit well.  I was going to leave when I spotted the Catlikes on a separate stand.  Voila ... the Catlike Compact Pro fit great and it was about the same price as the Giro model I had almost settled for.

It's the best fitting and lightest fitting helmet I've ever owned ...

but after my recent crash, I look at a good helmet as a great investment in safety as well as function!


Congrats on joining the Catlike family, Tom (sorry Graham)! That crash sounds scary. Glad you made it through OK, with 'just' a helmet to replace.


Editor's note:  Graham hates the look of Catlikes (or at least of mine).  I of course wear mine to bed just for the satisfaction of knowing Graham would hate it.

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