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The Prov. CX championships are this coming weekend, in arguably my favourite cx venue: Woodhaven Park.  Here are the posters sent in by Hal:

An awesome race course on a perfect day for CX.  I was there to soak in the atmosphere, take lots of pics/video and dream of racing there next year!

I will post images soonest!

Having gotten up this morning feeling even sicker than last night (I guess riding 2 hrs when you have a cold is not good race prep!?), I contemplated hanging out in front of the fireplace with some chicken noodle soup this morning ... but NO says a little 'voice' ... there's CX racing going on just a few blocks away in Woodhaven Park and they're the provincials no less!

So off I went with both my cameras in hand ...

Yes it was "Game On" at Woodhaven Park ... but this day it would be CX bikers racing through the hockey rink!

Commissaires and volunteers were hard at work getting all the racers signed in and ready to roll.
Citizens Race:

I missed the Citizens Race, but heard some exploits from 'Tenacious' Vic from the FGBC.
He couldn't help showing off his brand-new Jersey ... I also picked up mine today - Nordic Cross here we come!

Vic's bike backed up his tales of real CX conditions!
Kids Race:

Three kids lined up to contest their categories ...

Big 'Daddy' Bill A. lead the kids around the course.  Check out the form and the perfectly working bike ... well at least for now!? ...

Big barriers today for the kids, but no sweat for Oliver E.

Teagan A. was cruising and smiling the whole race!

Young Auckland L. was enjoying his race as well and never let any slips slow him down ...

Here's Oliver cruising through the mud pit.

Here's Teagan giving it a go.

Here's Auckland showing us all that determination overcomes obstacles - everytime!  Well done lad!!
'B' Race:

Large field out for the 'B' Race for the U15, U17, all women, male 40+ and male 50+.

They were all off to a smooth start and no probs with the mud pit ... for now!

'Super' Chris H. from the FGBC lived up to the race announcer's introduction ... he took the lead right from the start and never faltered!

Hot on Chris' tail for quite a while was a very impressive Hal L. representing Olympia and a race organizer ta-boot!

Also riding strong was Don S. from the Woodcock Cycle gang.

A crowd and racer favorite (for most anyways) was the 'Whorl'!

Mike G. from the RRR gang always seemed to explode over the barriers (at least while I was there!).

Here's Dave U. from the FGBC making easy work of the mud pit.

Some folks picked the straight line through ... here's Bill, Michelle and Chris.

Others chose to get closer to the fans ... here's Erin and LeAnn.

** Oh yah ... just when I was feeling good about dragging my butt to race when I was not feeling well, along comes Lindsay Gauld to race when he was also under-the-weather and then dislocates his shoulder on the first lap ... does he stop - NO ... he pops it in and keeps on cruising ... even picks off a fair number of racers on his way to the finish!  Hard core Lindsay - Right On!!!
'A' Race:

A smaller, but very competitive field for the U23, Elite (24-29), male 30+ charged off the line today.

Most of the 'A' racers made quick work of the barriers ... that is except for Luc A. who had a 'special' technique the first time through!

In the early going, the lead was a three-pack of Paul B. Dylan H. and Tristan G. contesting every inch!

Very close behind was Craig P. from the FGBC ... the 'Cricket' was steady right through to the finish.

Here's the lead racers have a go at the 'whorl'.

Another tight battle for most of the race was between Dan L. and Chris A.  Dan prevailed and continued to reel in riders ahead right up to the finish line.

Not far back was Jonny G. from the FGBC - "digging deep into his suitcase of courage" ... as the race announcer kept putting it!

Speaking of courage ... Dallas "I don't got no fast-twitch muscles" S. just kept getting stronger as the race went on ... warming up for a 100 mile run later Dallas?!

Always great to see a new racer on his new CX bike ... Pierre D. looked to be enjoying his new steed!

Coming into the last few laps, Paul and Tristan were neck and neck for the lead ...

Dylan was just behind ... that is until he broke his chain and had to run out the last lap!

Here's Paul and Tristan duking it out to the finish line ...

Dylan had good reason to be exhausted at the finish line ... he ran hard and he gave it his all!  Rock on!!

That's a wrap for the 2009 MB CX Provincials ... just a little cleaning up and good-to-go for the last CX race next weekend and then ... Nordic Cross - oh yah!

Great race ... well done Hal, Ian, Scot and the whole Olympia gang, plus helpers!!!

*Note:  I have a ton of great video from the race.  I will upload them soon and post a link and maybe make a video remix if my work schedule allows.
Great pics and vid Tom.  Many of my pics did not turn out great but I've tried to include at least one shot of every competitor from the last 2 races of the day in the slideshow below:


Results now available here

Very complete synopsis Tom!  Way to go young Auckland!  The Whorl is a cool addition....
Hal Loewen
Tom - just wanted to thank you all the pictures, video and cheering Also, for helping with the tear-down. I missed this on the results sheet (was inside helping there and did not know that you helped)



Check that Hal and thanks for the tasty soup.

That was an awesomely varied and creative course.  I ride through and practice CX in Woodhaven all the time and could not have conceived of such a cool layout!
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