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I've always struggled, as I'm sure almost very cyclist does, with motivation on the trainer. Well, I've finally discovered something that works for me: mountain bike videos. Scott uses our collection of TdF and Giro DVDs, but they just don't cut it for me. I popped Roam (http://www.thecollectivefilm.com/roam/index_roam.html) in the other day and again yesterday, and what a difference it made. The music is good and fast enough that I can put my head down and ignore the screen for awhile but not get lost in dry commentary, and I swear I'm almost leaning through the corners during the head on shots of fast descents through beautiful singletrack. There are some slow sections, and for those I generally just up the resistance to decrease cadence as necessary so I end up alternating between high and low spin intervals. I almost look forward to trainer sessions now, and I'm getting a lot better workout out of them too. (Hmm, as I reread this post I'm starting to get excited just sitting here thinking about it, so perhaps I should confess that I think may actually look forward to the trainer sessions now, at least until we can get outside on the trails.)


Also: I ran 4K this morning in near perfect conditions. My 'easy pace' is speeding up, so I'll have to increase distance soon.

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