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Well, I called this 'Deanna's training', although not much is going on there at the moment. I finally called it quits after spending the night at my Mom's on Thursday. Intervals are a great training tool, but I learned Thursday that sleep intervals don't add up quite the same way. The good news is that we now have confirmed home care for nights, so now we're just splitting daylight hours care for Mom. Much more manageable, and more help is on the way with my 3rd sister and some of Mom's sisters coming to town next week.
My last workout - chest and back, on Wednesday - went really well, which was a nice surprise so soon after upping the number of sets so I'm not too concerned about missing a few sessions. Arms and shoulders is a real struggle right now though since I increased weight along with sets. I like this workout, and shoulders are my favorite part to work, but the extra weight is a real challenge at this point. I'm hoping that I can maintain the extra weight through this (hopefully brief) hiatus from training.

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