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Well, I don't know if what I did on the bike yesterday morning should really count as training, but at least I got on to spin for awhile. I plan to have a more strenous ride tomorrow. I was surprised at how tired I was even with such a light spin. Odd how the body works - I could definitely feel the congestion remaining in my lungs and pretty much from the moment I found out my Mom was admitted to Palliative Care I've been hacking. Guess I supressed the cold until I knew I could 'afford' to be sick.
I just finished the arms/ shoulders workout I've been dreading, having missed a few, and it went really well (except that I can't seem to raise my arms above my head right now). I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, but my shoulders are definitely getting stronger. It feels good to have positive feedback and is great motivation to keep going. Scott and I aren't often able to do weights together, but this is one workout, along with Scott's chest/ back workout, that works for us to do together and it was nice to have company. Sometimes it's lonely in there on my own.

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