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I've composed a number of updates in the last few days, but haven't actually posted any of them. Between work, sleeping, and hospital visits there just hasn't been much time for anything and they haven't made it out of my head and into the keyboard. Oh yeah - I stopped training again. Just too much to handle right now. With not working today (and frankly, I haven't really DONE too much at work lately anyway) I thought I'd take a bit of time for a quick post before heading to back to the hospital.

Mom was (finally!) resting peacefully when I left to come home this morning. It feels like I've been away forever but in the past 24 hours I've only spent 5 away from her. Hmmm, that sounds a bit excessive... it's hard though to know what is reasonable when any minute could be someone's last. Right now her breathing is very slow (4 respirations per minute - take a second and count yours, it's quite the contrast) but seems to be restful which is a good difference from earlier in the night. She'll be heavily sedated till the end now, which I hope will come soon.

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