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My mother died Sunday evening. My sisters and my Dad and I were all there, and it was quite peaceful - she just stopped breathing - and I am glad that we were all together at the end.  It feels anticlimactic, actually, and I realize now that much of my earlier apprehension and emotion was for fear of the unknown. Now that it’s happened, I’m doing much better than I was while waiting for it to occur (or at least I think so).


As I pondered my feelings throughout the course of yesterday and today, I’ve come to realize that although my mother died Sunday, I lost her long ago.  Maybe that explains the anticlimax…


Now I am waiting to get through the planning and the funeral, and looking forward to get back into ‘normal’ life after that.

'noticed 9 views and figured it was (more than)time for a reply...as it is, Naomi and I are extremely sorry hear the news(as are the shoppe boys; Tom, Scot, etc)...if we can do anything for you guys(like me making a complete ass of myself this coming Sunday Eve, as a really bad example) don't hesitate to get a hold of us,

Paddy and Naom's

Ditto, the folks at Team Jonny are available 24/7 for anything & everything.

my thoughts are with you.
Thanks everyone. I have realized throughout this experience that I have great friends and extended family and I feel and deeply appreciate all of your support.

Most of the planning for the service was done on Monday and Tuesday; I asked Scott to take me to the shop with him yesterday afternoon and it was great to spend the afternoon just hanging out with the guys in the back. Right now I'm craving normal, comfortable times with friends and that's exactly what I got. I started fading later in the day though; thanks to Paddy for kicking us out the door for an ice cream pick-me-up and Scot for suggesting Eva's gelato (gelati? I forget which). It was great and I'm pretty sure Eva's will become a favourite summer haunt of ours.
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