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Well I wasn't able to make another WNR at Bur Oak tonight... $#%! , but last night (ok, I know this is an after-midnight post, but just play along with me) I was able to make it out to a great TNR with the FGBC gang. While cyclocross was on the agenda, racing plans had to give way to a cross ride over to the Fort Whyte Centre trails and a recce of Dave P's project site for a future funky wakeboard and riding development. Check out FGBC's post here.

The ride was a blast and even though the turnout was a little smaller than my last encounter with the FGBC gang, good fun was had, the company was great and a cold beer after a sweet night ride was right on the mark!

Here's a little slideshow - just for the record:


What a riot!  Right up your alley, Tom!

Looks like fun Tom.  Sorry we didn't get to watch you at Bur Oak for the final race of the season (we cheered Graham and others on).  See you on the road (or trails, or cx course) soon I'm sure though.

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