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Well this was a totally unusual TNR, that ended in one unfortunate crash and some extra adventures for a few of us.  The turn out was great though and a good night of socializing was had ... all with an air of anticipation for the official start of the CX season.

While Chris H's and Kevin K's reports cover the escapades pretty well, I'll just add my two bits and few more pics to the record.

First all ... is this the greatest ride poster of all time or what?  I loved my sweet golden banana-seat chopper that popped many a wheelie for me 'back in the day'!  In fact, the poster was so enticing that many showed (including fellow TrgCoop-er Graham W.) and at least one decided to bring his own little chopper out for the night.  Good plan ... unfortunate result.

But first, there was the little task of tacking up some posters celebrating the upcoming CX season.

Cyclocross 2009 - "A party on two wheels" ... exactly!

So after the tackings and coffee shop poster dropping was over, the whole gang of almost 20 linked up prior to doing some real riding.

Here is where we all got our first good look at Kevin K's retro banana-seated chopper, complete with shocks, fenders and a coaster brake (luxury!).  Very cool ... but maybe not the best ride for the cross course recce that was coming up.  Some have commented on his lack of a helmet (well said), but that Tam-style hat looked very cool ... all that was missing was an old-time tobacco pipe ... maybe next time hey KK?!

So off we went to Bourkevale and Bruce Parks to check out at least one lap of The Training Coop's CX race course planned for Oct 4th.  Since Graham and I were there from The Coop and I had been nominated to lead (brightest light and actually on a CX bike?), we pedaled cautiously around the north part of the Bourkevale section and then cruised into Bruce Park to check out it's planned obstacles ...

First up was a little downhill section beside some stairs that we would later run up.

I lead the correct way down to the right of the stairs (with the whole gang behind), but I could hear someone taking his own route down to the left and glanced over just in time to catch KK sliding on the wet grass and crashing to the bottom.  We all heard a yelp of pain and came to a sympathetic stop.  There was a hush and then we could see that KK was holding his right leg at first and then holding his head ... in pain ... not good!  Fortunately he had not hit his helmet-less head, but he had done some unknown damage to his leg.  I checked out his ankle complaint and found it unbroken with good mobility, but there was damage to the leg's ligaments at least and he was in no shape to make a long ride home.  Since I was closest to home, I raced off (ITT style) and came back with my Jeep.

I was expecting to find KK waiting with one or two riding buds, but no, it was the whole gang hanging out there to make sure he was well taken care off (or was a few jokes at his expense too tempting?!).  "Never leave a fallen comrade behind" ... my buds from my time in Afghanistan would have been impressed!

So we loaded up the retro-chopper (check out the tell-tale wet grass slime on those tires) and headed off to KK's place.  Now, KK at first made some bravado about joining the gang at the klubhaus, but quickly changed his mind in favour of a trip home via direct, to his gal's comfort, some ice, some approved drugs and a bed.

I was glad to hear him mention going to the Pan Am Clinic the next morning ... especially after it was clear that it was very painful when he at first tried to hobble toward his house without a little help.  We now have proof positive (even enough for Jonny G) that he has fractured his fibula and two ligaments ... ouch!  Too bad Kev ... get better soon and maybe you wont miss the whole CX season. 

After driving back home, I once again did a little ITT.  This time to the klubhaus, where all of rest of the gang was deep into the first round, except for those who had tales of weird chain entanglements.

Seems it was a night of little riding (for most of them at least) and lot's of talk of the CX race season about to unfold ... bring it on!

KK ... sorry if I've delved into your mishap in too much detail, but when I have to stay up late to get into cycle with my next nighttime on-call status ... well ... I just get a bit bored ... unlike when there's riding and talk of riding to be had.
Stoopid bike! Anyone have room in their stable for one more?

Thanks again for your assitance, Tom.

This whole thing stinks, but this, too, shall pass. And when it does, I'll be back...slower than ever.
Well Kevin, I hope you heal up fast.  Every time I hear "fracture" I seem to hear "6 weeks".  Is that the case with you?  For what it's worth, from my view, it was an elegant little slide down the hill.  You made fracturing your leg look easy!
It should be mentioned that Tom seems to have been a good person to have around.  At the time of the incident I found myself to be the first one approaching Kevin and as I came within a few feet I realized I had no idea how I was going to help.  Then I turned and was relieved to see Tom behind me, who proceeded to handle the situation like a pro (maybe because he sorta is one).
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