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Good times riding on the first FGBC TNR 'cold' ride of the year.  I was on call, but other than one false pager scare, I was good for the night and didn't have to call Lori to pick me up (great to have her on stby for me though!).

FGBC Guru Chris H. has already posted a comprehensive report - Here.

Took my Karate Monkey 29er out for the ride last night and low-and-behold but who else shows up with a sweet (and colorful) new 29er himself ...

KK ... of course!  I could see the PRIDE just beaming from his expression !

Mostly river edge trail riding down to one of my favourite night stops in town - the 'Ledge'.

More 'admiring' of KK's bike was in order and the river ice build-up made some of us 'dream' of long rides on the River Trail!

But Cousin Adam was only dreaming of filling his tummy ... so off to VJs we went and all was well again.

Next up was some urban street cruising and then an attempted Parcade Race ...

Here's a video clip I call: Parcade Race - Fail!

Good times!

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