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My flying schedule has changed for a few days (actually I'm on grounded status while I take Prednisone for some nasty patches of Poison Ivy that just won't quit after getting on my legs from some rides Lori & I did at Bur Oak and Birch), so I was able to get out to another FGBC TNR ...

It was a rainy evening, but that didn't seem to be scaring off the FGBC gang (quite a bit smaller group than my last foray with them though ... I'm sure it was because of the back to work schedules though - right?!) ...

It was full on dark as I raced to the Dr H. abode ... he even agreed to wait for my delayed arrival ... mind you as I blasted flat-out down Portage (bad form to make others wait ya know) I could see a familiar rider ahead (Jonny G.) as I approached Wolseley and he didn't seem to be in any great hurry ... hmmm what does he know ... smart man!

There were only six of us riders, plus Dave D. heading off on his own ride and two more that drove ahead to the klubhaus to "protect the favoured table - right?!".  As the rain had let up by then, it was a perfect evening for a short ride to Ass. Park & Forest ...

A nice casual damp ride with only one rear wheel slide on my part ... slick ... almost like I planned it !

At the klubhaus, I got to show off my new MUERTO shirt that I got that evening from Chris.  Paid for in full with cash ... but not earnt in sweat and tears as I had planned ... next year ... next year .... next year ... my own broken record for this season of racing!

There was lots of talking (the "T" in MUERTO ya know) of recent racing ... Brian P's adventure down south was a good one ... the XC-8 was very very very epic (or so I hear ) ... weekend adventures at a "dry" Ingolf sounded sweet and familiar (except the dry part) ... some talk of upcoming cross racing (can the FGBC dynamic duo of C & C race at the front of the pack again?!) and also some of Chris's and my reminiscing of the first RedAss300 endurance race of a few years back and it's turn to be back on the MUERTO calendar for next year ... hmm motivation or intimidation - time will tell!

Good times ...

Looks like another nice night of riding, despite the rain.  Thanks for the pics Tom - it's like I can enjoy the Tuesday night rides without the effort of actually getting out there

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