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I haven 't really followed pro road bike racing in a few years. In recent years it's been hard to know if the guy you're cheering for will make it to the end of the race without being kicked out for drug use, and even if he makes it to the end and even if he wins the thing you still don't know if he'll be able to keep the medal, so my enthusiasm has kind of been killed.  None the less I hopped on VeleNews.com today for the first time in a long time and read a very well-written article on race radios, written by Michael Berry.  I haven't really had an opinion on the debate either way, and I'm not really sure I even care a great deal, but the article is well thought out and deserves a read: http://velonews.com/article/98897/michael-barry-s-diary---the-peloton-unplugged

I understand the disillusionment with the pro peleton, but I still love watching and getting caught up in all the bike races and grand tours.

Michael Berry is a prolific Cdn racer/writer/blogger and yes, he writes well.

IMHO ... let them have their radios, especially in the grand tours, where mega traffic and spectator throngs make it hard for teams to coordinate support and for coaches to be close to their key riders. 
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