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So last night I checked the FGBC blog and spied this post from Jonny G.
Very functional riding caps, totally stylish (even on Jonny) and a bargain at 20 "bones"!

Lori and I decided that this cap was just my style:

Notice how the peak can protect almost any snoz from sun or rain!

So I says to myself, gotta get me one of them hand-made cappos ...

And as it just so happens ... I was out for a ride today and stopped in at the Olympia shoppe to pre-order some studded 29-er tires for my Karate Monkey (oh yes - the snow is coming!) ... an who comes in but Jonny, the cappo salesman himself ...

After each of our businesses is done (sorry Jonny, I still don't believe your cx-er was making any noise - you just need a shoppe fix!) I offer to ride into Wolseley with him for some extra distance before reversing back to my place ... so we get to his abode and he says "wanna see some caps?" ... "why of course" says I ... Charlene G. just happens to be avail and the caps appear (in their plenty - you know ya want one!) ... I grab my fav and the fit is perfect ... sold ... here's the 20 bones ... thanks ... hey can ya take a pic for the blog ... snap:

Quickest and easiest transaction I've every made!

So I don my helmet over my sweet new riding cap and blast home ... time to show off to Lori ...

Hmmm ... so yah, it is a perfect riding cap ... and as it turns out it can cover even my big snoz!  There's a view I don't get to see often !

Great caps for sure ... fit great, feel excellent and totally stylish (how am I doin Jonny?) ... you know ya wannit!!!
Oh sure, just a week or two after I post info about Surly wool caps on the Oly site (for something like $70 each) Jonny offering local, custom ones for $20.  Actually, they look pretty nice.

Tom, what type of tires did you order?  I have my studded cx tires for my Karate Monkey but I was thinking of getting some wider ones for this winter.  BTW, after a bout a year of having the Karate Monkey I finally have it set up properly (as of about 5 minutes ago).  Some new brake levers, a Paul front derailleur replacement thingy (I forget the name but it's really cool) and a different rear derailleur and cassette everything is finally operating smoothly.  Bring on the winter!  Well actually I wouldn't mind a little more summer, but I'd prefer winter to whatever the current weather is called.
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