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I seem to have completely fallen off of the twitter wagon but rest assured I've been training hard.  It's difficult to skip a workout when I spend a few mornings a week making a group of 10-16 women work hard during bootcamp - I'd kind of feel a bit guilty if I didn't put myself thru some pain later in the day.  I'm also scheduled to start training a former boxer who wants to loose 50-60 lbs and get back into fighting shape beginning mid-January.  Gotta be lean or I'll just feel like a hypocrite.

In addition to some good weights workouts I've had a few great Tacx rides recently.  There really is nothing that beats that trainer (well, riding outside would be nice, but not as much when it's -30 outside).  But here's the really cool news: There's new Tacx software available that allows the user to upload GPS'd routes, sinc it with Google Earth, and then ride customized virtual routes. 

This will take a lot of work, including the nightmare prospect of loading new Tacx software (it sure wasn't fun the first time around, though Deanna took care of most of it), but assuming I can get my hands on the software from our Canadian distributor I want to try to create a virtual course of the proposed A Rocha / Pembina Valley Park course.  I imagine tweaking the course will also take some work.  Because even the best GPS can be out a few meters, and because a few meters in the Pembina Valley can make a difference of hundreds of feet of elevation, I'd have to make sure the route was accurately set up, but if it all works I think it would be pretty cool to actually practice riding a course in the dead of winter that you plan to race in the summer.  I'll post updates as things come along, but for now here's a brief vid that shows how the course gets built in the Tacx system and what it looks like:

Mark B.
That is so incredible!

I'm assuming that you can use the street view portion of google maps, in that case, you could check out whatever ride Jen does to work in the new year. Pretty crazy. 

Very cool!  But, this could lead to Scott hardly every riding his bikes outside !  Naahh, that would never happen ...

That's crazy talk Tom


Yeah Mark, I believe you can ride at street level so in areas where there are good 3D images (like I assume where Jen will be) you could actually ride your bike from her apartment to her office virtually.  That's a pretty cool application.

I am equal parts excited and terrified. As I recall, the Tacx software loading procedure I finally developed included such steps as:

1. load driver
2. load driver again... (to make sure it 'sticks'?)
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