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Thought I'd type a quick post to say that I just finished a great workout.  Sometimes you can't figure out quite why a workout felt particularly good (I haven't changed anything up recently, I had a somewhat 'regular' day, and so on) but it just really felt good.  There's a UFC knockout special marathon on tonight so I turned the TV in the workout room on and watched guys pummel each other as I did chest, back, and ab work.  The ab workout, reclining or 'extended' sit-ups on our fitness tree with two 15 lb dumbells that I extend or punch into the air and across the body when my abs are fully contracted, were really hard but really good tonight.  The idea is to work the obliques with the cross-body punches - sometimes I feel like I've got good form and other times it just doesn't seem to click.  Tonight it really clicked and I anticipate feeling the obliques burn tomorrow.  Good stuff.

Good on ya Scott!

I on the other hand am deep into studying for some major simulator checkrides next week and a flying checkride trip away the next ... so I am finding hard to get any good workouts in ... I know I should (stress reliever and all), but there is ... study, study, blah !  Right now it's mind over body for sure and I can't break out of that for some reason.
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