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Hey all, I haven't been on here much but Mark keeps me up to date on all your paddling, cycling, and gel-patching escapades. I'm always thoroughly impressed and inspired.

I just emailed Scott about training and realized I had forgotten to tell him about my Thanksgiving half marathon! So here's a little Twitter-style race re-cap from my Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon on Sunday:

Chilly morning, wind whipping the last vibrant leaves from the trees. Bright sunshine over a rolling course. Raced with two friends from Kingston, ON, and we all achieved personal bests: My goal was to break 2 hours, and I finished in 1:51:35, at an 8:30 min/mile pace. Previous best? 2:15:00.

I love that this whole site is basically devoted to shameless self-promotion. It assuages some of the guilt from doing the same on other (lazier) social networks! The whole shebang of pics, including ones of our friends, is on Flickr if you're bored. I'm in a white shirt and sunglasses: http://www.flickr.com/photos/westcoasthurrah/sets/72157622578377244/



Thanks for the post Jen.  I got your email while grocery shopping - I've become a crackberry addict - but at least I was in the organic granola section.  I'm in the middle of an olympia website redesign at the moment (the shop owner wants more of a 'Las Vegas' look, so we'll see what I come up with) but will take a look at your links later in the day or tomorrow after dropping Deanna off of the aiport where she'll head to much warmer temps in North Carolina.  I'll also respond to your email offline.

Well done Jen!  That's a big improvement over your previous best time ... last big run of the year I would guess? ... nice way to finish off.

"shameless self-promotion "? ... yah maybe  ... but it's all good fun when fitness accountability, reveling in goals achieved and motivation for future exploits is the result! ... bring on the escapades and the stories that go with them!!
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