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I have a few minutes here before I meet Deanna for dinner so I'll kill time by posting about my weekend hot yoga experience.  I was invited to join in on some Bikram Yoga last Saturday with the other trainers who work with Sustainable Fitness.  Fearing it would look bad if I turned down the invite I said yes.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciated the invitation, I just feared that I'd look like a fool, owing in no small part to hamstrings that are about as flexible as a brick.

As the name implies, hot yoga is done in a room that's, well, hot.  Like 110 to 115 C hot.  We were in this heat for about 1 1/2 hours.  Needless to say we were dripping sweat.  I'm not afraid of heat, and I think I hold up pretty well in hot conditions, but whatever way you slice it we were all sweating buckets.

Bikram yoga is a set of 26 specific poses that are all done in a specific sequence. We did them once each but apparently in a 'normal' class you do them twice each.  Many of the poses I could only do partially owing to my tightness, and I'm sure I didn't do any of them even marginally well, but the instructor refrained from poking fun at me and I got a good workout regardless of form.

It didn't surprise me that in addition to flexibility some of the poses required a good amount of strength, but what did surprise me a little was how holding some of the static poses for just 90 seconds could elevate the heart rate so much.  It seems you really can get a complete workout from this type of yoga.  For the record I'm told by a few unbiased sources that Bikram yoga is quite a bit more intense than other types, including a different type of hot yoga in town, but I can't comment first hand on the others.

At any rate, I'm not entirely converted mainly because I like other activities and I like pumping weights.  I imagine as I age my likes will adapt and maybe someday I'll find myself doing Yoga more often - I can say now that Bikram Yoga practitioners are most definitely admirable athletes, even if not in the sense I'm used to.

I'd post more, but it looks like it's time to head out to dinner...mmmmm.
Sounds too hot for me.  Although in the bitter cold of winter ... hmmm?

Yeah, I was thinking about how it would feel to go to do hot yoga in the middle of summer - might not be quite as motivating.

doesn't hot yoga = hairy old men too...?
at least when I google pics of hot yoga it does...


I thought that was more the hot "spa", using the term loosely.  We actually had a private hot yoga session so I was spared any unseemly types

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