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Scott's been bugging me to post this for a while now...

A few weeks ago I was happily working out on 1 minute rest intervals between strength training sets. The workout was going well, but it was pretty hard - harder than expected - and I was dropping my last few reps on some sets. Oddly, I was really consistent with timing, with all my sets ending at :15 on the clock... and I seemed to have a really good handle on 1 minute intervals. Every time I checked, it was time to get going with the next set. Well, I'm sure you're all figuring this out much quicker than I did: the clock had stopped, and it took till most of the way through the workout for me to notice! (It was a relief when I did though; I could actually rest for a minute .)

The clock stopped again yesterday. Obviously there's a bigger problem here than drained batteries - but at least now I'm ready for it. The new workout Scott built for me incorporates only 30s rest intervals, so there's no room for confusion... thanks for helping me out Babe! 
Bin there - don that ... except once it was while I was flying and fortunately a back-up timer warned me that it was time to turn the aircraft onto the new correct heading!!!

Glad to see you are hard at your workouts Deanna!
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