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Well I seem to have been AWOL from message board posting for a couple of weeks (and haven't been that regular with my twitter feed either).  That's not to say that I haven't been getting the training in (though I didn't get yesterday's workout in and will have to do it today).

As I mentioned in one of my last tweets I revamped the workout plan for me and for Deanna recently, and I'm really enjoying the new format.  For a long time now I've done very specific strength training days and cardio days.  I am almost always motivated to do the strength training, but the cardio required more effort.  In an attempt to level that out a bit, and to keep things fresh, the new plan involves more circuit training, where there's almost no rest between strength exercises and some cardio work inbetween sets.  I've been suprised at how much weight I've had to drop from the dumbbells during the circuit training (up to 10 lbs per dumbbell in some cases) but overall the new routine feels great.

A part of what has enabled the new workouts is our new Cyclops 300PT (I think that's what it's called).  It's great to be able to just hop onto it in between strength sets, and it's so easy to adjust the size to move from me to Deanna and back again.  I'm really liking it.

I'm posting this remotely but when I get back home maybev I'll take a pic of the new machine and type a bit more about it, but for now I wanted to get something posted here.
Good to see you two are shaking things up and keeping the training going.  Lori is doing well with all her workouts, while I have been slacking recently.

I found my own way to shake things up with a crash on a road ride with Brian D (I guess I'll post about my not so slick move that resulted in a nasty encounter with the asphalt).  That took some momentum out of my riding for a few days and then Lori and I went out to Riding Mtn with Jordan and Brett for some family time altogether again at our favourite hiking location.  We even bumped into Graham on the Clear Lake beach.

Keep enjoying the summer and let's get in some riding together ... once I get my new helmet!

Bizarre - you bumped into Graham at the Beach at Clear Lake?  Those were slim odds.  My parents have a condo time-share there so I assume Graham and family was up for the day or weekend visiting.  I haven't been there for years (the condo doesn't allow dogs) but we used to go to Clear Lake every year when I was a kid - what a great place.  Hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

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