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Well it has been 3 weeks since my last ITT and I have been doing a lot of different fitness activities in a variety of places, so I though it was time do do the cardio Litmus Test again.

Since a lot of my recent bike riding has been at slow speed on outside trails for longer duration, I suspected that my speed fitness might have taken a hit ... but ... whether it was motivation or overall fitness coming through, I was able to keep my pace up and sprint it out to a 28 seconds faster time than my last.  Mind you, I was feeling totally tapped out at the end and was flush/faint even after a cool down !

Date: 21/03/2009
Time Taken: 00:33:40
Total Distance: 22.20 km.
Burned: 334 (kcal)
HR: 151 (avg) 169 (max)
Pace: 01:31 (avg time per km)
Speed: 39.56 (km/hr) (avg)  57.1 (km/hr) (max)

My next goal is to maintain an average speed of 40 km/hr ...
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