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I`ve been following Jessica Watson`s attempt to become the youngest person ever to sail around the world solo (and trying to reconcile the fact that I feel uneasy if I`m more than a mile from shore on a calm lake on my kayak) and thought I`d note here that she has made it to Cape Horn, which is a very significant nautical landmark (in sometimes treacherous ocean wind and waves).  Pretty cool.  Check out the most recent post on her blog here.
Wow ... quite the journey!  I heard something about this trip, but thought it was connected to the other young girl's similar voyage that was prevented by government intervention.  Very courageous!

However, she seems to be traveling in a much more comfortable fashion than Mr Willaim Willis did during his "Kon-Tiki"-like voyages on his primitive rafts during the 1950s & 60s in the Pacific and Atlantic.

I got this book about his rafting expeditions as a Christmas gift and it has been an interesting and puzzling read.  This guy traveled not only on a raft, but purposely had very spartan accommodations, navigation equipment, food and access to water(?) ... a bit of a "test yourself - self-torture" kinda explorer!

Now I do like endurance activities (always have since my first mountain climbing glacier slogging trip as a young buck), but I know I'll never be interested in doing what either of them have and are doing!

Yeah, I've thought about the technology that Jessican Watson is using to make her "unassisted" trip around the world and it seems that she's got it a lot easier than those who came before her.  For instance, she's on a sat phone daily getting weather updates from expert meteorologists so she knows how to adjust her course, how to prepare the boat for upcoming conditions, etc.  But I guess that's how it goes. 

For what it's worth there's a very real chance that Jessica is not on steroids, which is more than we can say for virtually any other record breaking sports figure at the moment
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