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Yes, it's true ... when it comes to being an all winter (read frigid "Winterpeg, Manit'scoldout") trail and road riding bike, my sweet Giant Anthem 2 Dualie MTB is no match for the simple, rugged and reliable Surly Karate Monkey!

My recent problems with my hydraulic disc brakes and air shocks after a lot of frigid weather riding got me thinking about a more suitable winter trail riding bike.  I didn't have to look far, because Scott was riding the perfect bike in the Karate Monkey.  So when Scott told me that there was a large frame model all decked out at Olympia and on sale as a complete unit ... well, you know what I started to think!

But, one should not get too covetous until after checking it more directly.  Now, if you can't ride it (for now), you might as well ride right beside it ... or better yet compare it to what you have ... ergo a joint trail ride with Scott ... Giant Anthem versus Karate Monkey.  Check out the "very scientific" results in a little video I call:  "Karate Monkey Killed The Giant!":

A bike with the name "Karate Monkey" has got to be good....
Here's the real Karate Monkey:

You just never know what crazy connection with something else on the internet you will find some times ... hilarious!

Now that little guy would make a great "Trunk Monkey"!


The Trunk Monkey is way more hard-core than the Karate Monkey!  I'd like to unleash the Trunk Monkey on my competitors in the middle of the Bur Oak forrest.

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