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Hey everyone! Congrats to the relay team!

I also wanted to congratulate Scott, my most excellent personal trainer, for helping me get on the podium on my 1st Sprint triathlon yesterday. It was my 2nd triathlon ever and also my 2nd time placing...you guessed it...2nd. With a time of 1:23:18, I was happy.

I had some difficulty with the swim leg, seeing as how I'd never practiced with a wet suit before. My friend Lisa chided me before the race saying the number one rule of racing is "never try anything new on race day." I'd been traveling most of the summer and just hadn't tested it out yet. I'm not sure how much of it to blame on the wet suit, but I felt short of breath and couldn't get into my usual swimming rhythm.

The bike went great, 12.4 miles in 37:41, or a 19.8 average pace. I came in 14th out of 123 females! I finished the 3.1 mile run in 25:25, or an 8:12 pace.

So thanks to Scott, for keeping me motivated and strong!

Congratulations Jen! Those numbers sound pretty impressive - but even more important, sounds like you had fun doing it.

I hated swimming with a wetsuit too... even with practice, I never got used to it.

Thanks for the kudos Jen, though the lion's share of congrats goes to you.  Sounds like almost everything went well for the race - in a triathlon it's a rare occurance when eveything clicks at once but it sounds like it came close for you (now you just need to spend a few more pre-race minutes in that wetsuit).  Way to go on getting in your workouts even while on the road and with a sometimes (most of the time) crazy schedule - knowing the challenge that it sometimes is for you to find a place and time to work out makes your podium finish that much more impressive.  Congratulations!

Hmmm ... you did your run leg at the same pace I did my run yesterday, but after swimming and biking first ... impressive!  Well done there Jen.

Kudos to Scott are no doubt well placed.
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