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Mark B.
Scott, now you and Lance have even more in common (aside from the undisclosed doping ).




Yes, except that I'm sure he's getting good medical attention - I had a 100 lb overweight doc who didn't understand why I cared about joint mobility / range of motion and whether or not I'd be able to support the same load when things healed, because I wasn't a 'labourer'.  No joke.  I told him that although I wasn't a labourer I was physically active, and he incredulously asked if I was trying to make the Olympics.  After weeks of having him tell me I still needed to take it slow and not do any strength training I went to a physiotherapist who gave me a green light.  I cancelled my next consultation with Dr. Fat Butt and went on a 4 hour kayak paddle instead.  My guess is Lance's doc will be a bit more supportive and in tune with his needs.  For the record Lance also seems to have better doping program than me (or at least the results seem to say so)

Mark B.
Dr. Fat Butt sounds swell.

You're right though, he is undoubtedly getting the top medical attention. If you're on twitter, you can follow Lance and all his posts about the random dope tests, it's kind of interesting.


Out of curiosity I checked out his twitter feed - evidently he's sitting in a Spanish airport waiting for his flight as I type this - ah the exotic life of a pro athlete.  For the record I'll cheer on any cyclist who's up to the challenge of twittering (or is that tweeting?) during an actual race - why not the TdF?  Now that would provide some insight!

It will be interesting to see if Lance can recover fast enough to ride in the Giro, but I suspect that even if he does it will be to support Contador and Leipheimer.

This could make it very interesting if Astana does well in the Giro with Lance in support/not riding and then he starts strong in the Tour ... he had a poor start to several years that he won the tour ... if nothing else it would put doubt in some riders minds and create race excitement ... it is of course a "big show" as well as an amazing big race!

Btw, I continue to be a fan of Lance ... what he accomplished and what he is trying to do now (I know all the negatives ... supposedly proven or not ... he beat all competitors and many of them were proven cheaters [by real labs outside of France!] and not as professional in their approach to the sport).  I wish him well.  I never thought he had much chance to win any tours this year, but I am glad to see him trying and for a good cause as well.  He got me excited about cycling in the past and I look forward to seeing him in le Tour this year.
Mark B.
He's back... http://twitpic.com/3p0ok

How's that for a speedy recovery!


Good grief - I'm glad I didn't break my collarbone this year or I'd be getting much less sympathy around the house.  At least he's keeping both hands on the bars.

So he's back and typing on his "crackberry" while riding ... he is still 'the boss' after all!  The tours will be more interesting with him back at it.
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