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I thought my plans for a ride this past Saturday with Brian D. were snookered when I got called in to fly short-notice to cover for a flu-sick pilot (H1N1?), but as it was the training flight was short.  By mid afternoon I was geared up, Brian had arrived with his mtb and some of the late fall chill was warmed up.  I was dealing with a little cold myself, but I thought a spin would be good prep for the CX Provs the next day ... silly me!

No snow, but it felt like snow was in the moist air of a brisk NW breeze.  Funny time of the year for riding ... not frigid, but the body is just acclimatizing to the cooler temps and the moist air makes it feel colder.  I find myself 'looking forward' to the dry cold of winter!?

Rode through Woodhaven Park, where Hal was conceiving his cunning race route plan for the CX Provs ... gotta love that "Whorl"!  Simple ride through Ass Park, Forest, to Fort Whyte and back.

Check out my latest vid:
Late Fall Bike Ride with Brian - 31 Oct 09

Good riding, good chatting ... good times!

Cool muzack!!  Very punchy and indicative of pumping the pedals!  Winnipeg in all its seasonal glory - I think we live in the coolest place around...(And I mean, the coolest, you can't argue with that...)

Looks like a great time to ride - who doesn't like crunchy leaves under their tires?

Takes two to capture a ride video from both riders' camera views.  In my case, Brian let me copy his footage while we were enjoying some post ride snacks and hot chocolate (thnx Lori).  Ergo my video with both views included.

Brian had only his video footage to work with and voila ... I just spotted his uploaded video of the same ride (YTube subscriptions do work):

Slick job Brian and cool rap track!
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