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Had some more free time recently (thanks to the H1N1 shot and grounding time from flying) and made this video of an excellent bike ride with Lori.  You gotta love this extended fall weather - Eh!

This is also the unveiling of my new video 'Intro' and 'Closing' clips (I know, I need to get back flying and less playing on the computer !).

Good Good Times !!
That was the perfect fall ride....I really think autumn is my favorite time to ride the trails.  I love the smells, the sounds and sharper air - this video is a keepsake and reminder of just one of those days!

Coo stuff.  Can't beat the autumn we're having (I mean it's almost December!).

Mark B.
So Tom, I guess that helmet cam was a pretty great present after all.

Thanks for sharing the vid.

Yup, Lori's helmet-cam gift to me has added a new dimension of fun and creativity to my capturing bike riding and 'remembering' it well!

Thanks to Lori again, I should be getting an early Cmas gift soon (Olympia has the new release on order) ... right from the GoPro folks again, but in HD - oh yah HD !

For some reason the 'Normal' quality version stalls after a bit, but the 'HQ' version works fine.?
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