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Deanna and I went to see Hurt Locker last night (great movie btw) and as I was vegetating in my seat before the movie began I almost missed a very brief trailer that seemed to say a movie chronicling the 2009 Leadville 100 mtn bike race was coming to Cineplex later this month.  After we got home we hopped online and sure enough this Jan 27th and again on Feb 7th "Race Across the Sky" is being shown at the Polo Park Silver City Cinema!  Tickets are on sale starting yesterday.

I found a longer trailer online, embedded below.  The movie looks great.  One word of warning: On at least one message board I found a comment indicating that Bob Roll is one of the films commentators.  I pretty much despise Bob Roll's TdF commentating and I have no hope that his announcing in this movie will be any better, especially considering that Lance Armstrong, with whom Roll has the biggest man-crush ever, is competing, but that aside I'm really looking forward to the film.  FYI, we plan to go on Jan 27th.

Thanks for the heads up Scott.

Looks like there will be a bit of "Hollywood" pursuit going on here and I agree with your opinion of Mr "Tour Day Fran-ce" Bob Roll, however it still looks to be a good movie about my kind of race ... 27th it likely is for us as well.
I saw the trailer for this video on a link from Velo News( I think?). Certainly did not expect it to show up right here in Winnipeg. The footage and scenery is spectacular. Lael and I will probably attend the Feb 7 showing.
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