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Mark B.
Anyone interested in running the marathon relay?

I want to put a team together and my brother is interested, so we need three more people. Any takers?

It'll be about $25 a person is we sign up before the end of the month.


Not getting any bites, huh?  I'm somewhat interested though I haven't done any more than about one day of running week (as cross training) for a couple of years after I had a not-so-great IT band issue a couple of years back.  If you still need people I'll think about this and let you know by the end of the week if I think I can get some decent run-specific workouts in.  Regardless, have fun as you look ahead to the marathon.  I did the relay one year and really enjoyed it, which is saying something considering I think anthing over about 800m to be a long run.

Mark B.
Yeah, no bites but yours. We're definitely not planning on breaking any records, totally just for fun.

I think I might tell Stephen to sign he and I up and I'm sure the team will come together.

The shortest leg is like 4.5 miles I think. We may, if we're short on people get a half-marathoner friend to run the first leg.

I'll let you know by the end of the month, if you're still interested.
Hey Mark ... I'd join your relay, but it's hard for me to commit due to my up & down work schedule right now in that timeframe ... mind you I am no running speedster.
Mark B.
Neither am I Tom.

I'll post on here in a few days when we know how many of the other people we've asked have confirmed.


Tim Turenne
Hey guys. I run long and fast. Have medalled this year already running halfs at the great grain relay Max Bell Center.
Who would I be running with and when? Let me know at 477.1612


Any more bites?  I think I'm going to have to bow out after (a) not getting any decent long distance training in this sprinng (I'm pretty confident I can take the 1st 400m out in the lead though ) and (b) committing to helping another couple of friends with their kids and/or some shuttling between exchange zones during the relay.  We will however happily cheer on anyone who runs past our house during the marathon (we live on the 3rd leg).

Mark B.
Sorry to hear you're bowing out Scott. Tom, do you know any better about your schedule now? Let me know if you do.

We signed up a team, so now it's just a matter of putting 5 people on it. If any others are interested, let me know...

I would still like to join your relay group Mark (if you still need another), but I am currently scheduled to be on standby fly status on the 21st.  Should I try to get that changed?

Scott, as you already know, the Wiebe residence beside Omand's Creek has already been designated as an official "stopover facility" for all sporting endeavours !
Wow ... synchronicity!   I posted exactly when you did Mark.  I will see if I can be off for the Marathon Relay.
Hey Mark, I am still just a maybe, but hoping to change that fairly soon to definite.  Unfortunately, my squadron has a very busy flying schedule around that period and cannot commit yet to me being off on the 21st.  Sorry, that's the best I can do for now.
Mark B.
Hey Tom,

let me know as soon as you know. We're still looking for other people if you know anyone else who would like to run.

Maybe send me an email to markgbarber at that gmail dot com place when you know whether you've been able to change the standby.
Will do Mark.  Sure hope I can commit sooner than later ... nothing worse than a 'maybe' partner on a relay!
Mark B.
We're running to recruiting problems. I hope I don't have to run two legs...

There's a good chance that if you can make it, there will be a spot. I'll let you know if we get close to filling the last spot.

Mark B.
Update: We've got three forsures and two, maybes. (You're one of the maybes Tom.)
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