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Ok, so I am finally able to confirm I'm in for the relay!  Now I just need to do a few runs instead of rides and all will be well ...
So Marathon Relay Team "Jackalope" met today to discuss our strategy over some cold gelati ice cream ...
1.  Have fun!
2.  Stay liquidated and survive the heat tomorrow (pt 1 helps).
3.  Run at a good pace, but honor pt 1.

Timings, with a 7:00 am start:
Leg 1 = 5.7 miles/9.20 km - Wynne est 50-52 mins, so relay to Stephen at 7:52 am (Wicklow at Southwood Ave)
* She's carrying on with the Half!  Go Wynne Go!!
Leg 2 = 4.8 miles/7.68 km - Stephen est 50 mins, so relay to Tom at 8:52 am (Wellington at Chattaway Blvd)
Leg 3 = 4.4 miles/7.14 km - Tom est 40 mins, so relay to David at 9:22 am (Wolseley at Ruby St)
* Tom should be running past Scott & Deanna's about 9:12 ... Yo Yo Coop'ers !
Leg 4 = 5.5 miles/8.89 km - David est 60 mins, so relay to Mark at 10:22 (Kingston Row at Killarney St)
Leg 5 = 5.4 miles/8.65 km - Mark est ??? (faster than a crawl he says ), probably 50 mins (+/- heat build up) ... so 11:12 am finish!!!

That's the plan.  Hopefully we don't have any more SAR callouts ... I'm on back-up SAR standby status !
Anyone want to run tomorrow morning?  Just kidding!
Vern Nelson
So did things go according to plan?

I got bit by the heat.
Its supper time and I still got a mild heatstroke headache.

It actually did go very close to plan, but a bit faster (speed wise anyways - after the race started 20 mins late), though it was a hot day for us "Winterpeggers", who haven't really acclimatized to this instant summer heat - yet!

We finished in 4:08:28 (we planned for 4:12:00) ... 93rd out of the 473 mixed relay teams and 160th out of all 713 relay teams - pretty cool !

I ran my short 4.4 mile leg in around 36 mins (I reset my watch/hr monitor accidentally), which was faster than I planned, so I'm happy with that.

It was a good time running with a fun team ... Mark & Stephen, who I already knew, with David who I had met before briefly and with Wynne who lead us off and completed the half after (kudos to her!).  Biggest thing was to have Lori and Brett cheering me on and I even got a high-five from Deanna when I ran by the official "Mid-Town-TrgCoop-Pitstop-House"!!!

Apparently, there were almost 14,000 runners in all the race categories this year - a new record!

Here's a few pics:

Congrats to all of the marathon participants.  It sure was a hot one.  Tom, sorry I missed you running by the house.  I was actually over at the checkpoint on Wellington Cres. with another friend (where you would have received the 'batton') and looked for you to no avail (wow were there a lot of people).  The friend, Dean, was receiving the handoff from his wife, and after she was finished we headed back to my house with her kids in tow and unfortunately one of the kids decided to take as much time as possible getting back so we missed both you and Dean by a couple of minutes.  At least Deanna was there to let you guys both know we were cheering for you.

I've only participated in the marathon relay once, but it was a cool experience.  Good to see that you guys enjoyed it too, and that you met or exceeded your expectations.  Way to go!
This was my first time witnessing the Manitoba Marathon.  Tons of people and a great vibe.  Way to go, Jackalopes!  I enjoyed cheering you all on and hanging out for a bit at the stadium.  Tom, I overheard a comment about the half next year.  Maybe that will be a winter fitness focus?? 
I love the excitement and vibe of all kinds of races.  Motivation ... big-time!  While biking is still going to be my main focus, I could see myself doing the half next year ... maybe lead off the relay?  Course if my gal was going to do the half as well, then we could train together !
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