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A little late, but here's my March Training Summary logged in MapMyRide and labeled.

March was an even better month than February for overall workout time/energy burned ... not as much cycling distance, but I was able to continue my renewed "enjoyment" of winter riding (that is until my dualie started blowing shock seals and hyd brake lines ).

My flying trip up to Thule, Greenland and Alert, Nunavut was an unexpected opportunity for some quality indoor workouts (better be when it's -40C outside!).  I even got to swim in an "endless pool" ... kinda cool, but tricky in the waves.

The real highlight of the month was going down to Moab, Utah for biking and hiking with Lori.  It was awesome to see Lori take her already good trail riding abilities to a new level That made for fun riding for both of us and good training as well!!

Spring is supposedly going to really kick in now , with lots more outside riding and finally racing kicks off!
We'll see what the rest of April will bring ...

Hey Tom - I've been busy doing too many other web based activities this week (and cruising around on the dusted off motorcycle when it's been warm enough) and haven't hopped on to the message board in about a week, but now that I'm back on I wanted to say kudos for all the hard training in March and for posting it all for us to puruse.  I get a kick out of the 'snow shovelling' activity you logged - amazing what a difference a couple of weeks can make, huh?  Were'd the snow go?

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