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Well this Saturday is the semi-annual hotly anticipated/dreaded matchup of Manchester United v. Liverpool.  For some inexplicable reason Deanna came out of the closest a year or so ago as a Liverpool fan (I think it has something to do with pretty boy Torres), whereas I am cheering for the correct team.  I've participated in a lot of sports, and have enjoyed them all, but none will ever measure up to the Beautiful Game.

Deanna, this is how it's going down on Saturday:

Hey you two ... I'm all the way up in Greenland right now and I can feel the vibes from them fight'n words from here!  May the best team win and I assume there is some humiliating actions required of the one connected with the loser!?
There may not have been marriage trouble before, but there sure is now... that's nasty Scott!

(And BTW I didn't watch your nasty video either)
Hmmm, she won't take a bet.  She thinks that's being magnanimous; I think she's scared

(I should probably stop now, or there might be real marriage troubles)
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