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Looks and sounds like it was a fabulous trip guys.  Scott, funny the photo with the bend in the valley taken from the jeep is the one that stuck out to me the most.  Don't know why.  Maybe the scale is smaller than on some of the huge vista photos so it is easier to comperhend on a 17" screen.  It's so cool that you two could experience this together.

Tom & Lori
We've been really busy since getting back from our Moab trip (more to be posted on that driving Odyssey!) and have only now had some time for Tom to make up the first of a few biking and adventure videos.

Here's it is ... from Lori's first experience of slickrock riding at the Dalton Wells trail, just north of Moab ... it was great fun and a big confidence booster for Lori !

Check out Slickrock Biking at Dalton Wells Moab - 31 Mar 09:

Tom & Lori
Here's a video capturing our last bike and hike adventure in Moab.  We rode and hiked up to Klondike Bluffs on a much warmer and sunny day ... finally we could shed some layers and enjoy summer-like riding!  The great thing about this ride is that it offers jeep road, rocky trail, sand, slickrock biking and some hiking up to an amazing viewpoint.  Tom was very impressed with Lori's uphill and downhill riding on this trail ... now coming back this summer can include even more challenging trails !

Check out: Mountain Biking To Klondike Bluffs Moab - 2 Apr 09

Tom & Lori
Well we thought we should close out our full Moab adventure with our four-day odyssey getting home!  ...

DAY 1:

We had to leave Moab a day early , due to very nasty storms moving in across the southern rockies with mega winds predicted along with duststorms around Moab, snowstorms in the mountains (including our planned hwy route to Denver via Vail) and blizzards to the east! ...

We had to make a huge diversion south and east through southern Utah, the rockies near Mesa Verde Nat'l Park and east to Pueblo, Colorado.  Sure enough, we drove right into a dust storm, which reduced visibility and coated us in dirt whenever the light rain kicked in ... and we were in the better area! ...

Although we got up to over 10,500 ft at the Wolf Creek Pass, there was still dust blowing around and the snow was tinged in orange! ...

Lori took this cool shot in one of the tunnels ... they never get old! ...

Seeing the blue skies appear after a long "white-nuckled" drive though the mountains was a relief!  So ended Day 1 ... in Pueblo, Colorado ... happy to be in a safe spot (for now) with snowstorms to the north and a blizzard starting overnight to the north east!

DAY 2:

Day 2 ... we checked all the forecasts and road reports and hoped to make it up to Denver and east out of Colorado into Nebraska on the interstate (along with meeting up with Brian & Lael D., who were on their way down to Moab and currently driving through South Dakota).  We were supposed to be skirting the blizzard to the north, but it was not to be ...

Eventually the blizzard went to whiteout conditions and we wisely pulled off into the first town exit ... Roggen, Colorado (not sure how many horses were in this town !).

When we pulled up to the gas station, we noticed someone inside posting a note on the door ... with gale force winds blowing we got into the entry area and found the door locked ... the note said "WE ARE FIXING, WE WILL BE BACK 2 MINUTES, THANK YOU" ... there some other not so inviting signs posted as well! 

After about 15 minutes another car pulled in and we met a local called "Bill" ... after banging on the door and yelling for a while, Bill informed us that the owners were some "Iranians" and that the husband likely had several wives (we won't repeat some of Bill's other "insights") ... when the owners opened the door shortly after, they turned out to be a rather pleasant Korean couple, who had been finishing their lunch!

During this stopover, we met up with a couple from Michigan (who had just driven through the blizzard from the east and did not recommend proceeding that way except for the short drive ahead to Fort Morgan, Colorado where we could get a hotel room).

We crawled down the interstate following a snowplow and arrived in Fort Morgan, again glad to be off the road and safe in a cozy hotel.  Brian and Lael got the road info from us and stopped a few hours east in Nebraska.  We almost went to a movie that night, but settled for chinese food and wine in our hotel room (which were becoming hard to get as it turned out)!

DAY 3:

Day 3 dawned with less wind and clear skies in Fort Morgan.  But, we soon noticed semi trailers parked everywhere and a noisy lobby downstairs ... turns out we were just on the edge of the still raging blizzard and all the hwys were closed for 300 miles! ... April ?!
Apparently, they had to open up the local high school to house all the stranded travellers!

After lunch the roads were opened and we headed east ... the evidence of a nasty night was everywhere!

The weather quickly improved and the prairie driving returned to its generally uneventful state.  However, there were a few interesting sights along the way.  We met up with Brian & Lael (wished them well on their own Moab adventure) and pressed on to Sioux City, Iowa for the night.

DAY 4:

Day 4 was a dash north home on the interstate, with a few diversions around flooded areas.

Driving past Fargo and Grand Forks, it was obvious that they had just averted disaster by inches, with last minute panic sandbagging ... they really need floodways!

Back in Canada, we discovered that they now planned to close Hwy 75 the next day (just in case of some washouts and to allow workers to support any ring-diked towns) and that flood preparations were complete!  Listening on CBC, we heard lots of reports of flood concerns, but also a consistent thread of confidence that most of the lessons learned from the Flood of 97 had been actioned ... major damage would be averted!

First order of business was a stop at Tim Horton's and then picking up our little dachshund Minni ... good to be home !

Great wrap-up guys.  A few random comments:

1) "Caution - Microwave In Use"?!  Was there some sort of sci-fi experiment going on inside or where they actually warning you to be careful of the barrito-zapping microwave oven that was next to the squishie machine?  Strange.

2) It looked like you didn't want to get too close to the edge of those cliffs.  Good for you.  If I haven't already, someday I'll tell you the story of when I watched Deanna fall off the edge of a cliff into oblivion.  Not fun.

3) How often to convicts break out of the correctional facility that a 'don't pick up hitchhikers' sign is necessary?  You would have been the perfect ride for the hitchhiking con though - "Where you headed?  Canada?  Perrrrfect".

Mark B.
Don't microwaves cause problems for people with pacemakers? That's what I learned from watching the Simpsons anyway.
Tom & Lori
Ok, we said our blogging was done, but ...

We thought it would be nice to have one video record of our entire spring trip to Moab as a little time capsule and motivation to train and save up for a summer trip!

Check it out: Tom & Lori's Spring 09 Adventure To Moab, Utah


Good summary guys.  Makes me want to go out and ride.  Can't wait for the local trails to dry out (it'll take a little time yet, judging from the water level in the creek behind our place). Oh well, I plan to break out one of the boats this week - that'll be fun too.

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