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Deanna, Graham, and I headed out to Morden with a few other guys (Hal arranged the ride) for a mtn bike ride yesterday.  The plan was to get about an hour and a half of riding in before we'd need to return home while others stayed out there for a longer ride in the afternoon.  Sadly the morning ride only ended up being maybe 45 minutes or so around the Morden lake due to misc. delays, but it was still a good ride on some great trails.  I'd never ridden those trails before but I'll definately be back.  Graham managed to get out of his afternoon obligations and was able to stay for the longer ride which was done on the Tinker Creek trails.  We spoke with him briefly when he returned to town late in the evening (we drove his truck back to our place and he hitched a ride later with someone else so he had to pick his truck up from us) and it sounded like it was a good ride.

I knew going in that my cardio is not great right now but I still felt okay out on the trails.  Deanna was hurting quite a bit, but some days are like that and she took it in stride.  She's never one to complain.  Thanks to Hal for the invite and Greg for the company on the trail (even if you felt like crap).  Unfortunately I left my camera at home so no pics, but trust me, it's worth the trip.
I sure have heard a lot of good reports about the Morden "Back Forty" and the Tinker Creek trails.  I've gotta get there soon before this season is over.  I want to get Lori back out to Birch again soon, but maybe ...

Glad to hear you guys got out there as a gang.  I had a flying conflict, but it was nice to see that the Sunday ride was being advertised with Olympia and FGBC, etc. ... that's the way to get more folks out and connected.  Good stuff!
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