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Two things to share today re: potential new bikes

1) I'm toying with the idea of selling my Surly 1x1, either as a frameset or a complete bike, so if anyone is interested drop me a line.  It's an awesome bike and in perfect shape but I have a Karate Monkey that I can easily switch between a single speed and a geared bike, and I'm thinking of getting a suspension fork and higher end wheelset for it too.  The thing is that for the same price as a nice wheelset and a suspension fork I can get a whole other 29er bike w. suspension, which I might do, but I don't want another bike in the basement so I'd force myself to sell the 1x1.  Just putn it out there.  It's metalic green and medium size.

2) My motorcycle has been put away for a couple of weeks now so naturally I'm looking at brochures and dreaming about riding again next year.  Wildwood Motorsports just became a Triumph dealer and I absolutely love the Scrambler.  Deanna and Graham both think it looks ugly but my cool-meter is obviously more refined than theirs.  I just stumbled across a video that seems to suggest that owning a Scrambler can somehow enable my physical activity as well - not sure I'm buying it (the commercial that is - I totally want to buy the bike) but it's still great marketing of a motorcycle that incorporates lots of physical activity, a great U2 song, and has cameos from Steve McQueen and Matthew Mcconaughey.  I mean come on sweetie, shouldn't I own this?


while the appearance of Matthew McChonichesty probably makes me like the bike less, I have to admit it looks better in the video than in the catalogue.  It also appears to be a little more versatile than matthew on screen so maybe all that ugly has a purpose.

Very cool for a motorized bike and not-so-ugly actually ... or is just all the 'pretty' people hanging around in the background!  Talk about marketing a dream in every ad!

Having said that ... it's almost Christmas!  Has Scott been a 'Good' boy this year?

1) Graham, you're only pushing me closer to buying one.  And I'm going to wear my Catlike helmet while I'm riding it.

2) I'm not going to defend Mr. Mcconaughey's acting skills, but the guy plays the bongo drums naked at his own house parties (google it if you've never read about the infamous party) - as much as I can't really see myself doing that, or for that matter for as much as I don't really want to see him doing that, there's something fascinating about a guy who's that confident in himself, and that makes me want his bike.

Tom, I'd say I've been no worse than year than previous years.  Hopefully that counts.

ok, so my take is, the Scrambler is Rad...a high school buddy had an old Honda like it and took it everywhere--seems like you could lead-moto a race like R2B or the Back 40 on it...As for the commercial, it seems a bit overthetop, and yet unfinished, I give it a passing grade, but barely it confused me...and as far as Maconooheeeeyyyyy goes, he hangs with a guy named Lance(alledgedly), so it all ties in, pull the trigger Scott, you have my blessing.....

Paddy, I don't know if it's your blessing or the rationalization that I could use the bike to lead a mtn bike race, but whatever the case you've put it over the top!

Sweetie, my quick math says that we could put 4 of these on the credit line - to heck with the budget.
'Secret' Santa
I'm checking with the Elves right now ... cause there's a back order on these little babies!



Suspiciously "Secret Santa" seems to have the same IP address as Tom (I can see more on this site then others - I can also monitor your eating habits and know what you weigh), but maybe Tom has some sort of Hercules transit arrangement with Santa.  Whatever the case if either of you could plan a motorcycle drop onto my driveway around the '24th that would be awesome.

HO HO HO there Scott!  So, you've got visions of a Scrambler dancing through your dreams for Christmas morning, eh?  Well ...

Me and the Mrs have always been partial to a good motorbike, so I have no qualms with your dreams of scrambling.
But ... I might need some confirmation for a 'certain someone' first!

As far as my 'Secret Santa' friend down in your neck of the woods, well ...

Let's just say we've had our adventures together in the past and I get some help from him on occasion!
Especially, the Air Force kind of help, because ...

The civilian airline pilots are not much help!

Some of the Navy fighter pilots just don't get it at all!  Talk about being naughty!!

The Army pilots try their best, but they can only take me so far and with only a little payload of gifts!  and ...

... well, their latest attempts to help just didn't get past the launch phase at all!

On the other hand ...

The Air Force's 'Mighty' Hercules has carried a lot of my special deliveries from time to time and are always "On Time - On Target"!

Which makes me a happy Santa and just a little more 'supportive' this time of year!

Now ... as far as a little motorcycle drop onto your driveway around the 24th, well ... I never deliver early, I do my best work on the 25th!
As far as a target, well ... you don't seem to have an actual drive way, so I'll just have to improvise !
Of course, I still need a little confirmation ...

Some Christmas thoughts:

1) Is Mrs. Clause an angel in that pic?  I think my religious and secular Christmas images are merging into one confusing mess   Where's the sidecar for baby Jesus?

2) I guess Santa travels across the whole world but it looks messed up to see him in the desert.

3) Though it probably isn't proper Christmas spirit I've got say that the pic of Santa smunched on the nose of the commercial plane is hilarious.  I assume he recovered.

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