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Well it's a new year and that's always a good time for change, especially when it bring about growth.
Now is such a time of growth for our little Training Coop, as we welcome a new member ... Brian D.

This picture of Brian is his own submission for his member picture!

This is a self-pic Brian took after 2 hrs of hard mtn biking on the Snowshoe Trail at Waterton Lakes National Park this past summer.
He's ridden his bike hard, is sweaty and doesn't care!
It's tells you a lot about the Brian that I know as a friend and good riding partner of these past 12 years.

Brian and I have been road and mtn bike partners for lots of short and long rides in all conditions.

We have also been on two biking trips to Moab, Utah.  One trip was with a group of guys back in 2002 and most recently we went to Moab in 2008 for some adventures in slickrock MTBing and roadie hill climbs.

Brian enjoys riding his mountain bike(s), but really shines when there's a good road biking challenge ahead.

I've been there first hand to see Brian persevere over epic distances and steep grades to complete long rides in good humour.

Brian is very diligent with his fitness, mostly with road and mtbing, but also weight training regularly in the off season.  He has ridden over 6000 kms this year and last (including trainer rides) and keeps track of his fitness activities using Map My Ride.  In fact, Brian and I were challenging each other with our workouts and trainer 'time trials' this past winter ... good motivation for us both!
Brian has ridden in a number of Habitat For Humanity 'Cycle Of Hope' rides over the last 7 plus years and is planning to take part in this year's Winnipeg Cycle Of Hope ride from Fernie BC to Wpg in early July.  He trains hard and also raises plenty of money for a good cause.
Brian is super keen about his bikes, bike parts and accessories!  Which makes him a great customer for Olympia and well known there.  He is also a genuinely nice, humble and honest guy.  Not someone to brag about his accomplishments or the latest cool Kris King headset he may have just put on his road bike !
I am pleased that Brian is ready to join the Training Coop, because he is a keen fitness and biking friend, who has encouraged and kept me accountable with my fitness and adventure interests.

All members of the Coop welcome him to our little gang!
I second all of that!  Welcome Brian!
graham(silent partner)

Welcome to our mighty sports powerhouse club!

Welcome Brian!  First two thoughts:

1) You officially have the coolest hairdo in the club.
2)  Maybe one day you'll be able to afford a better road bike

Deanna and I have been sick for all of the Christmas break - Deanna is a couple of days ahead of me with her sickness and just today did her first indoor ride in a week and a half and I hope to start tomorrow or Monday - today is the first day in over a week that I can even think about working out, BUT with that sad story out of the way we should all (or as many as possible) get out there for a ski or snowshoe or winter bike ride or something in the next few weeks.

Great to have you on board Brian.  I'm looking forward to your posts, to your holding us accountable (and vice versa), and to your company on the occasional ride and/or at the occasional local event.
Btw, you might notice that Brian is wearing our Training Coop jersey in a few of the pics above.  As a foreshadowing of his eventual membership in our gang, I bought Brian one of our jerseys back in 08 prior to our trip to Moab in return for Brian offering the use of his car for our road trip.  Of course we also needed a minimum of six jerseys before we could place our order, so it all worked out nicely.

So when we do get together for a spring ride, we should jersey up and make our "sports powerhouse club" look just like that!
Scott & Deanna ... get well soon!

We are overdue for a group activity.  But, Lori will be down for a few weeks recovering from some minor surgery (nothing scary, but required).  Then we should break out the skis I suggest!?

As far as biking goes, I have upgraded most of my winter riding gear (report soon) and am game for some trail rides.  Hopefully, the River trail will open again this year .
Hey Brian, I wanted to add my welcome here too. As Scott mentioned we've been under the weather lately but I'm looking forward to all of us getting together soon.
And since you're a road specialist, perhaps I should also extend the Mont Ventoux Challenge? I know you'll put me to shame... And perhaps a few others? Let me know if you want more details.
Hi everyone. Thanks for such a wonderful welcome. I enjoyed all of the comments.
Scott and Deanna, I hope you are feeling better real soon. Tom, thank you for the invitation to join the TrainingCoop and the introduction.
As Tom stated, I'm fairly intentional about my training and welcome the accoutability factor that the TrainingCoop will bring. Perhaps some of the tools I have found/use can be helpful to other TrainingCoop members' training regimes. MapMyRide.com has been one of my favorite websites for logging my training and can be viewed by friends who have been granted access. If anyone is interested, send me back a message and I can provide more info.
Goals have also been a great motivator and for this year I plan to focus my efforts towards the Habitat for Humanity "Cycle of Hope". This will be a 12 day, 1600km ride from Waterton Lakes National Park to Winnipeg, via Montana and North Dakota.
Scott, thanks for the comment about the hairdo. I spent a lot of time getting it to look like that.
Deanna, I will think about your offer for the Mont Ventoux Challenge. There is little chance it would kill me, however I'm sure it could leave a few emotional scars.

Brian I'd love to check out your Map My Ride postings - feel free to send me on offline email with the required info if you wish.

The habitat for humanity ride sounds like it's a bit longer than anything I've ever done (read: I've never tried riding anywhere near that far - heck I've never even had a trip that long on my motorcycle).  Pretty cool.
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