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Hot off the presses...I've thrown together a slideshow of this past weekend's XC8.  The pics aren't all of the greatest resolution because of the quick method I used to put this together (I'll go back and edit later) but I wanted to get this up quickly for the gratification of all those who competed in the event.  I'll let those who rode post their comments before I share my own thoughts on spectating.  Congrats to all!

Awesome pics from what looked like an terrific day and location for riding!  Great to see Graham in his TrgCoop jersey and smiling at the end ... sweet!!

Sure wish I would been able to go and with Lori with me for a complete Coop gathering ... oh well, next year.
nice, thanks again for keeping my heartrate up on the course Scott, nice that you guys could make it out as well!
Greg S

Thanks to you all for the support, was great!
This is a great slideshow with a grand variety of the types of terrain here in Sask.  I especially like the long-shots showing the scale of some of these climbs and the landscapes.  Great pics.  It didn't show up on film, but the grade of climb everyone was lugging their bikes up, is daunting.  Only a handful of people make it up that climb on the bike ... and I'm definitely NOT one of them!   There's over 800ft of climbing per lap on the XC8 course.  Thanks for coming and we hope to see you folks back next year.

Hot, HOT, HEAT Baby!  Thanks for the pix!!


Alright, you've had 3 days to recover - where's the report from Graham?


Just to inspire you Graham, here are links to race reports from other MB guys:

Greg (from the British Broadcasting Corporation Brandon Bike Club): http://spinningsquares.blogspot.com/2009/09/xc8-or-am-i-not-made-for-this.html

Cory: http://sandhillsavage.blogspot.com/2009/09/xc800-degrees-celcius.html

Haiku Dave: http://oneplanetonegear.blogspot.com/

Aright aready.  I didn't get back to winnipeg till monday night and yesterday I couldn't seem to get to this page.  I'll make it good and long:
I've been thinking over the last few days about what I did wrong at Buffalo pound, and I think maybe the best answer is; everything.  There was not one moment that I felt ok all day long.  I think that I didn't eat enough in the morning; that I didn't take enough liquids in for the first half of the day; that I went out a little too hard on the first lap; and that I underestimated the difficulty of the course.  I did a pre-lap the night before and came away feeling like it wasn't really that punishing, but I think I was just kind of blinded by the constant action and frequent awesomeness of the trails.
I knew by the end of the second lap that I might be in trouble because I was not feeling recovered at all from the opening lap pace.  But I was still able to ride reasonably quickly without going into the redzone at all.  But the third lap felt the same - I could ride but I felt pathetic and kina nauseous.  Then on the fourth lap I flatted (my fault, I was hitting the same root on every lap way too hard on the fast, drop littered descent).  No big deal, I needed a rest anyway.  Sit down, change tube, fill with C02 - wait, what?  The cartridge is already spent! 45 min walk back the start where Scott pumped my tire up (thanks).  Sit down. more. for a looong time. Then Hal and I go out together and I think John Peters comes along too.  We suffer along quietly and slowly.  Very slowly.  We get back and I sit down again for few minutes and then John and I go out again.  I feel better and leave John behind a little by the end of the lap(he's actually a lap ahead of me anyway).  Short break and out again.  I think that I am going to get my goal of 8 laps in now, I have plenty of time to get back in for the cutoff and go out one last time.  It all comes apart though.  I can barely walk up the hills and I sit and lay down in the bushes twice.  John waits very patiently for quite some time but finally leaves me alone to suffer as he should at the bottom of another climb that I can't even look at, I'm so depressed and useless.  I've pretty much been clear of any crampiness till this lap.  Now, all parts of my body threaten to cramp at once.  Two parts of my hams, my calves, and my back are revolting.  I come in with 15min to spare, but I am not capable of another lap. That's it.

OK, now that I've scared any one that wants to do the race, I'll say this - you should.  Just don't be me.  The race was very well organized and the value was definitely there.  And the riding is very good and very, very fun.
If there was one bright spot to my performance it would have to be the downhills.  No matter how awful I felt for each and every lap I seemed to be able to pull it together for most of the descents and really fly - nearly always making time on any body near me.
Thanks to Scott and Deanna for cheering and filling my bottles and to Hal and John for keeping me company when I just wanted to weep.  And to Josh for giving me a run for my money.
Almost like I was right there suffering through it with you Graham ... thanks for the insight ... it's not like we had a lot of hot days in MB this summer to prep for 8 hrs of racing in the heat you slogged through ... well done bud!
Kevin B
graham - great race report - love the honesty. we all have those off days once or twice a season, were you to suffer all day.

I intended to respond to graham's posting much earlier.  Thanks for the recap of your race graham.  I must say that you either have a great poker face or you just don't complain that much (or both) because I didn't have a good sense of just how much you were hurting during the race.  It was clear at the end that you were taxed but it sounds like the pain started much earlier.  Way to hang in there and get it done.

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