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As I replied in Scott's "paddling to patricia beach" post, I used Scott kayak trip up to the beach as motivation to make a long bike ride to the beach to greet him finishing and then to ride back home again.

Since I had to miss the Reach The Beach race this year and also going to the Headwaters this weekend with Brian D. for a century ride (both due to last minute schedule changes) I decided to use my day off to go for it and enjoy the last of the extended summer!

In short, the weather was great, the roads were mostly fine (except for some very slow freshly graveled sections), scenery was even better than expected, I felt strong all day, I was able to welcome Scott as he arrived at Patricia Beach and my ride home mostly in the dark was good fun !

This slideshow tells the tale:

** Photobucket took away the photo/video remix option, so I guess I'll have to make another remix with Photoshop's Premiere Elements and then upload on YouTube again.  Is it me or is Photobucket "improving" their way into obsolescence?! ... because even this slideshow would be more interesting with music to capture the mood of the day!
An amazing record of the oddest late September weather!  What a wonderful excursion.  I dare you to repeat it in January on the karate monkey!
Ok, so I couldn't resist taking my pics and some short video clips from this excellent ride and making a proper video remix with music that captured the mood of the day ... which was fun - fun - fun - in the sun !!!

The fun song I found is called "Late September" (quite appropriate) by Princes of Hollywood (which is a funny name for a folky group) and it almost perfectly captures my feeling through out the long day of riding.

Check it out:

Looks like fall weather has arrived now, so I am glad I had the chance for one last full summer-like day of riding in Manitoba ... in late September?!

It was a blast to "Reach the Beach" and ride Back Again!
Cool video! Looks like you had great weather and lots of really interesting scenery along the way. Congratulations on finishing this epic ride! I'd be really interested in going on a (slightly less adventurous for starters) ride like this with you.

Great vid Tom.  A spur of the moment double century is quite the ride.

Thanks Scott, it was a fun double 'metric century' and seeing you appear in your kayak was a big highlight ... very surreal to watch you paddling in out of no-where, because from my point of view it looked like you came from across the 'ocean'!

Hey Brett, I look forward to more longer and adventurous rides with you and Jordan when he's back in town.  Might not be til next spring, but we'll start making plans at our next family xc ski outing ... oh ya ... winter's comin' bud!
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