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I just posted this on the Olympia blog but I thought it was worth pasting here as well.  To fulfill our personal pledge to donate half of what I earn thru maintaining the Olympia site to local cycling endeavors Deanna and I have offered a $1000 custom wheel set to the great list of participation series prizes being awarded for participation in road and cyclocross races this year.  Other individuals have stepped up by donating generous time and/or money as well like Dave Pitcher, Gary Sewell, Hal Loewen, and more (sorry if I've missed someone).  For a relatively small local race scene we have a good number of folks who are willing to selflessly help make things happen and this participation series is just the latest example:

Did you know that there are thousands of $'s worth of participation prizes to be awarded for both road and cyclocross disciplines this year? Local cycling racer, organizer and enthusiast Gary Sewell, with the help of many individual and corporate donations, put together a participation points system and stellar prize package for road and cyclocross races this year and prizes will be presented this coming Saturday, Nov 28th.

All you had to do to be eligible to win participation prizes was participate in enough events this year. You could finish first or last, race with a full MCA license in any category, on a $600 or a $5000 bike...whatever the case you'd still be eligible to have your name drawn for one of many superb prizes including a $500 Sugoi wardrobe, gift certificates of up to $600, a custom wheel set valued at over $1000, Shimano RS-80 wheels, a private box for Manitoba Moose games, and much more!

If you missed out on things this year because you did not participate in enough events there is no need to worry - the participation series will be back bigger and better next year, and it may extend to mountain biking as well. Stay tuned for details, and check out the link below for more info on prizes this year:

Awesome to see and well done again Scott & Deanna!!

Not the best racing participation year for me personally, but I really enjoyed what I did do and saw at events I could not race in (darn pager!) or attend (pics/videos help).  Cyclocross definitely had a break-out year for race organization, creativity (it was good to be part of that with our improved TrgCoop Bourkevale/Bruce CX Race), enthusiasm and participation!

The large number of Citizen Class racers this year was a great sign of bigger and better times to come for CX racing in Manitoba!  I expect that once word of the prize motivation gets out there on the street (seems like late news?) for next year, it will be one more motivation for folks on the fence to jump over onto the race course.

Thanks for all the info updates and kudos on the new Olympia site there Webmaster!

Yeah, we didn't do a great job of promoting the participation series this year, so hopefully handing out the prizes this year will be the beginning of bigger promotion for next year.  Heck, maybe I'll even race in 2010 and be eligible for prizes myself.

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