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Well, we're just about done setting up this site and so far so good.  The goal here is to post at least semi daily updates on our training progress and related activities.  Others might read what we have to say, but even if they don't this can serve as a bit of a journal for our own use.  We're not really training for anything in particular, but I'd like to at least be able to do the Bur Oak race series this year and, even if I finish last, I'd like to do it feeling good about my personal performance and keep all of my food down following the event.  I'd also like to do the fall cyclocross series feeling like I'm actually racing instead of just surviving.  In terms of paddling I'd like to be able to know with confidence that I can make it back from the Forks upstream even in heavy spring currents without ripping my core muscles apart.  So there you have it - pretty vague goals, but purposefully so.


With regards to my training to date I got hit with a mild cold bug last week and didn't make it through the weekend.  I managed to get all of my weights and most of my cardio in thru to the end of the week but didn't really do anything on the weekend when my cold really took hold.  Fortunately Sunday is usually a rest day anyway so I've only missed one day, and hopefully will climb back on the wagon today.  I was bummed to have missed last night's Haiku Cross (http://oneplanetonegear.blogspot.com/) but I did muster up the energy to spectate with Deanna and take a few really poor pics.  I missed the last Nordic Cross due to being at an out of town wedding so I've only got one left (http://bp2.blogger.com/_g5fn38V_Wuw/RfTbQf6_BNI/AAAAAAAAAFk/YwzdA31S6IQ/s1600-h/Fools+Cx+07.JPG) before the mountain bike season starts.


Tomorrow the new James Bond DVD comes out and I have to try to look at least half as good as Daniel Craig coming out of the water (http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/mgm/casino_royale/daniel_craig/royale17.jpg  or I fear I'll lose all respect around the house, so I better hit the weights today.  Well okay, realistically I need to look at least 1/4 as good.

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